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HarrimanSteel launches positive ‘Fly Your Flag’ initiative for a post-Covid world

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HarrimanSteel's non-for-profit initiative aims to raise a smile and a flag in a bid to mark 2020.

Amsterdam-based creative agency HarrimanSteel is calling on anyone, anywhere, to visualize the future they want to see, and in the process, generate a far-reaching dialogue about hope and meaning in a post-Covid world.

2020 has thrown the world into a state of flux. A turbulent eight months of coronavirus, BLM protests and increasing concern over climate change and social inequality has sparked a global rallying cry to acknowledge and embrace new priorities and new possibilities.

’Fly Your Flag’ encourages contributors to design a flag that represents their hopes for a reimagined future.

Launching last month on 28 October, the initiative was kickstarted by submissions from some giants of the creative world, including Anthony Burrill, Eike König, James Victore, Dana Robinson and Jenny van Sommers.

The subject matter of the flags received so far covers everything from social inequality and the importance of buying local to the need for environmental reform and the sanctity of mental health.

World-renowned graphic designer and artist Eike König, whose submission is called ‘Now? Yes!’ says: “People are always waiting for something and putting excuses in the way of actually starting or doing something, as if there is some magic moment or a need for permission. We need change now, and that’s the message of my work for ’Fly Your Flag’.”

Multidisciplinary artist Dana Robinson explains that the intention of her artwork, ’Abstraction’, is to “liberate the black woman’s body from its intended function as an object of beauty made valuable through its proximity to men, or as an object in constant need of improvement that strives towards western standards of beauty that it will never be able to meet“.

She says: “I celebrate humanity through the elevation of black women’s bodies in all forms. I challenge the way I and other black women navigate the world, and hack the tools given to us to achieve personal fulfilment.”

As well as appearing on the ’Fly Your Flag’ website, a selection of designs will be produced as full-size flags and hung outside The Hoxton in Amsterdam, which is supporting the initiative by hoisting and flying a rotating roster of flags on one of the city’s main canals.

The first two flags were raised on 28 October to coincide with the launch and will be changed every two weeks until the end of the year to showcase a variety of different designs and topics.

So, has the experience of lockdown given you a renewed appreciation for solitude, or reminded you of the importance of community? Has the chaos of global politics over the last six months left you feeling fired-up to change the system, or – after a year of wildfires and flooding – are you keen to fight harder against climate change?

Whatever you are driven by, you’re invited to make your voice heard and ’Fly Your Flag’. And don’t forget to look some of the preexisting submissions on their designated Instagram account.

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