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A Week in Creative: Burger King endorses McDonald's and Amazon sets the barre high

The Drum reporter Imogen Watson rounds up the latest creative campaigns and creativity stories. Also available in your inbox every Thursday as The Drum's A Week in Creative email briefing. Sign up here.

Amazon: The Show Must Go On by Lucky Generals

This is an extract from The Drum’s A Week in Creative email briefing. You can subscribe to it here if you’d like it in your inbox once a week.

Welcome to ’A Week in Creative’, a handpicked selection of the most interesting campaigns to come out of The Drum’s Creative Works in the past week. If this list doesn’t quench your creative thirst, then please visit the ’A Week in Creative’ hub.

Amazon sets the Christmas barre high

A lesson in how brands can approach Christmas and Covid-19 sensitively, Amazons' Christmas campaign this year has already been praised widely.

Set to an arrangement of Queen’s ’The Show Must Go On,’ the spot stars17-year-old French ballet dancer, Taïs Vinolo, who, much like the character in the ad has continued to train and practice her craft despite the challenges of this year.

We follow her powerful story as her dreams of dancing a lead role are dashed due to Covid-19.

Burger King shows its soft side

“Order from McDonald's. We never thought we’d be asking you to do this,” admits Burger King, in a shock endorsement for its arch-nemesis. Well, neither did we.

After years of trolling its rival, this week Burger King got sentimental, telling its fans that despite all its efforts to highjack McDonald’s customers, it wanted to remind us that food outlets are suffering at the hands of the pandemic, and we should support them, even if it means buying a Big Mac.

When you walk through a storm

Adding to the long list of ’You'll Never Walk Alone’ covers, Johnnie Walker is tugging on the heartstrings of many, as the presidential election unfolds.

Drawing on a moment of hope and shared optimism, the spot sees the lead singer of rock band Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard, belt out an emotional version of the iconic song from the 1945 musical, Carousel. The ad was created by Anomaly who also produced Johnnie Walker's 2016 election campaign.

Biden's ballot bubble

As the presidential US elections reached its climax, the Biden campaign brought out a simple but effective way to target young voters.

Simply a sideways oval set against a white background, the bubble moves like a mouth. Donald Trump's mouth to be exact. “All of this with the global warming, a lot of it is a hoax. It’ll start getting cooler, you just watch. I see again the forest fires starting..." Trump says, seemingly from the oval's mouth.

As the voice continues, a pen emerges and begins scribbling in the oval, and the more space is filled by black pen marks, the more Trump's words become muffled until there is complete silence.

As the animation zooms outwards, it becomes clear that the oval is in fact a ballot bubble, which sits next to Democratic candidate, Joe Biden's name.


With the US elections and ongoing pandemic taking up a lot of headspace, it might surprise some that November is upon us, and with it comes Movember - an annual event that sees men across the world adopt a moustache in order to raise awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and mental health.

To bring people's attention, both Pringles and KFC have turned it Movember on its head, presenting their mascots without their iconic moustaches.

On 1 November, Colonel Sanders, KFC's famous moustachioed spokesperson, was seen clean shaved across all media France. In a similar vein, for the first time since 1968, Pringles has also changed its famously untouched logo for the whole month of November. This is in celebration of its new one-year charitable partnership with Movember.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so if this dose of creativity leaves you thirsty for more, please drop in at The Drum’s Creative Works – the home of creative from all around the globe. You can also subscribe to The Drum’s creative newsletter or browse our round-up here.

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