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StawberryFrog wins RIE parenting account

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StrawberryFrog wins education-oriented non-profit parenting account

Los Angeles-based RIE (which stands for Resources for Infant Educarers) is an education-oriented non-profit with a network of educators who show parents and professional caregivers how to care for infants in a respectful, relationship-based way that sets babies on a positive developmental path.

RIE has appointed New York-based movement marketing firm StrawberryFrog to reimagine the brand and brand's experience in the real and digital world.

“StrawberryFrog is an extraordinary organization. We appointed it based on its distinct strategic and creative excellence for brands such as Pampers, United Way, and Truist,” says interim chief exec, Michelle Mapp. “We wanted StrawberryFrog’s original and unique ’Movement Thinking’ approach to rebuild and activate our brand at a new juncture for RIE.”

“We are thrilled to work with RIE’s leadership to define RIE’s purpose and then activate it with ’Movement Marketing’, redesign the look and feel and the brand experience. Having had two sons, I know RIE parenting techniques would have been valuable for me. Our task is to help more parents and professional caregivers be aware of RIE and their purpose,” says Scott Goodson, chief executive officer of StrawberryFrog.

The ultimate goal with RIE is to nurture what’s referred to as an ’authentic’ child. This means that the combination of attuned and respectful caregiving, along with freedom of movement in daily life, allow a child to feel secure, competent, autonomous and connected to the people in their life; all things that put the child on a positive life trajectory.

RIE has recently introduced online versions of many of its classes in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

While committed to in-person learning, and the connections people can make in-person, going online has allowed RIE to reach a much broader audience of new parents of babies and professional caregivers. From the RIE center in Los Angeles, and with 64 Associates around the US and globe, RIE is reaching more parents and professionals than ever before.

StrawberryFrog has been on a roll in 2020 despite the pandemic and recently won Inc 5000 fastest growing independent companies in the US.

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