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E-commerce in 2021: how businesses can prepare for the unknown

By Joshua Ogugua | Marketing



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October 26, 2020 | 6 min read

For those of us in e-commerce, 2020 has somehow managed to feel like the longest and the shortest year at the same time. The longest because there have been many difficult challenges we’ve stayed up late tackling which has been exacerbated by the uncertainty of when this will all end. And the shortest because we’ve had to work doubly as fast to meet demands and to compensate for the loss of sales from physical stores. It’s fair to say we’ve been in overdrive.

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The new normal

Constantly working in overdrive cannot continue for much longer without some sort of industry burnout. The key to avoiding burnout or something equally as terrible will be in our preparation. Even at Channable, we are striving to help our clients prepare for the unknown. How is this achieved? Flexibility.

Everything we create at Channable is designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. As we have such a broad range of clients from a number of both popular and niche industries, it is integral that our feed management and PPC tools work optimally for all. So how is Channable helping its clients with their flexibility?

For those afraid of commitment

When talking about flexibility, you may immediately think that we are talking about the tool itself. Now, of course, choosing a tool that is fantastically flexible and that offers users an almost infinite number of possibilities when optimizing feeds and PPC ads is important. However, what is equally important for 2021 is the flexibility away from the tool.

One of Channable's best features is that new users can create a test account for FREE. We understand that many in the world of e-commerce may not be fully aware of how many huge benefits their business (or, for agencies, their client's business) can get from using a feed management and PPC tool. This is why we offer a free test account where you can experiment with a pretty darn good feed management tool. You get access to all of the features, you can create product feeds, test if-then rule variations, and even use our state-of-the-art Channacademy training center.

Also, even when you do subscribe to a paid plan, Channable uses a monthly rolling contract which would allow you to assess your situation each month, to grow and adapt to your business needs.

Careful budgeting and personalised plans

Being fully aware of spend has never been more critical for businesses. When planning an e-commerce strategy for 2021, knowing exactly what you’re going to spend and where will become the norm. Which is why transparent pricing is key.

For the past few decades even, being transparent about pricing has been a subject of debate. At Channable, we are clear about our stance. Our pricing has always been transparent as we believe our clients and potential customers deserve to know exactly what they’re getting for their hard-earned funds.

There are many instances where pricing is hidden behind the additions or the upsells etc. However, at Channable, we keep things out in the open. Whether you’re opting to use the PPC tool to help you with your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising strategies or if you want to add order connections to sync orders directly with your online store; the amount you’ll pay is always clearly stated.

User-friendly and dynamic tools

Another key factor for being e-commerce 2021 ready, is using external tools that can handle the dynamic nature caused by the pandemic. Implementing a watertight e-commerce strategy internally is already not plausible for most businesses. So next year, when things are even more uncertain, many businesses will want to use external feed management and PPC tools such as Channable.

Feed management and PPC tools are flexible by design. By being proactive with the powerful “if-then” rules, with Channable you can set up campaigns and feeds that are reactive. Product listings and prices can be adapted on-the-fly allowing your business to maximise profitability in moments of high demand; or vice versa.

However, the best feed management and PPC tools are both flexible and “pickupable”, AKA user-friendly, AKA simple-to-use. Saving time on processes will be another huge focal point in e-commerce in 2021. Using a simple-to-use tool that saves you time that can be best used in other areas of your business will be irresistible for most next year.

If you’d like to stay ahead of the curve with Channable, follow us on LinkedIn.

Or, if you’d like a free test account or to get more information, head to our website.

Marketing Open Mic Retail

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