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Channable tool helps clients increase return on ad spend and double CTR

By Joshua Ogugua | Marketing



Opinion article

October 20, 2020 | 5 min read

Channable’s self-developed PPC tool allows users to automate their return on ad spend (ROAS) process – as required for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising – in a simple and efficient way. Users can adapt the content of the ads using powerful ’if-then’ rules and dynamic variables that enable the excellent quality scores required for PPC ads to perform well.

ClickBoost sing Channable's praises after getting to grips with the brand's ROAS tool.

ClickBoost sing Channable's praises after getting to grips with the brand's ROAS tool.

Specialist PPC agency ClickBoost used the Channable tool to create hyper-relevant ads, to improve ROAS and quality score and, ultimately, to save time. Scott Beveridge and Gordon Campbell, who founded the Glasgow agency, say: ”It’s a tool for agencies; Channable is absolutely fantastic.”

ClickBoost has always focused on maximising the return for its clients. This is why the ROAS of its clients is a key indicator for success. ClickBoost spent too much valuable time and effort optimising the product feeds of its clients manually. It decided that the best way it could achieve its goals was to automate the process of creating ads for e-commerce clients that had large inventories. And that’s when it found Channable.

ClickBoost and the ad automation journey

Beveridge and Campbell’s first foray into ad automation resulted in them trying to build their own bespoke PPC tool. Though they managed to build a working tool, even after weeks of their developers working endlessly to create a solution it was only a fraction as good as Channable.

When Beveridge was first introduced to Channable, he was immediately impressed by how easy it was to use. Channable had perfected what the developers of ClickBoost had spent weeks trying to build.

He says: “It took seconds to import our clients’ products into Channable. In just a few clicks, we had created a campaign, a bespoke ad group structure that really worked for each individual client, we could preview all the ad copy, and then, with just one final click, push the ads to Google.”

It’s fair to say that ClickBoost was impressed with the tool. Today, it uses it to create ads for Microsoft Advertising and Google ads. Channable’s dynamic ad template also allows users to optimize their ads with sitelinks and price extensions.

Campbell explains: ”With Channable, a lot of time-consuming and tiring tasks are automated, which allows ClickBoost to focus more on the research analysis, test an overall strategy and communicate with our clients.”

The agency has been most impressed with how Channable manages to streamline processes and save more time than the team initially thought was possible. Campbell was thrilled after seeing ClickBoost’s stats and realising there was a 19% uplift in clickthrough rate and that the ROAS had increased by around 25%.

ClickBoost and the click boosting opportunities

ClickBoost is determined to continue growing its partnership with Channable to discover all of the tool’s possibilities.

Beveridge says: “Next, we’d like to figure out how we can use Channable to improve companies’ performances on eBay and Amazon. We can see a big opportunity for optimizing and refining what we do through the tool and improve performance on these marketplace channels.”

Channable has built-in integrations to dozens of online marketplaces, and feeds templates for thousands of online advertising channels.

Campbell concludes: “Channable has helped us save time, generate more revenue for all of our clients and improve the ROAS across all their accounts. I’d definitely recommend Channable to anybody who wants to reduce wasted spend, improve account performance and save time on account management.”

If you’d like to have a demo or if you have any questions regarding our tool, click here. If you’d like to learn more about Channable in general, click here.

Joshua Ogugua looks after Channable’s UK Marketing efforts.

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