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Change is now: a defining moment for retail

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Summit launch new webinar series equipping marketers and brands with practical advice on how to weather the looming depression.

The retail sector is going through a turbulent time in the current climate and nobody is sure what is going to happen in the short or long-term future.

To support brands in this uncertainty, Summit is launching a series of webinars titled ’Change is Now: A Defining Moment for Retail’ aiming to provide practical advice to all brands that will enable them to best prepare themselves for the change in the online landscape and to thrive during the next few months and onwards. It is a pivotal point in retail, where the market and customers have been disrupted, so we want to help brands react quickly to this change.

Over the next three months, we will speak with a range of industry experts from emerging to established brands, and cover topics including how to recession proof your sales plan, how technology is reinventing retail and how to use peak in a pandemic as a platform for change – our first exciting subject.

The biggest topic at the minute is peak. What restrictions will be in place? What can brands expect? Will peak even happen at all? While nobody knows the answer to these, one thing that is certain is that consumer behaviour has changed to align with this new way of living. With the decline of the high street and added risk to people’s health, more people are buying online than ever before, so brands need to adapt or they will lose their customers.

With that in mind, we have invited Lisa Hooker (leader of industry for consumer markets at PwC), Jacqueline Windsor (partner in PwC’s retail, consumer and leisure strategy practice) and Mona Nikzad (digital and e-commerce marketing strategist) to discuss the importance of e-commerce and where brands should be focussing to ensure stability for peak and beyond.

Mona Nikzad has worked with brands in both the UK and globally, and she has over 10 years’ experience in the industry. During lockdown, she successfully launched the e-commerce site for Organix Brands and is currently leading and developing its digital and e-commerce strategy. Her experience and knowledge in helping brands sell direct to consumer online is invaluable during this time when the high street is in decline.

Lisa Hooker leads PwC’s internal and external thinking on consumer and market trends, so brings expert opinion on how consumer behaviour is changing and could change moving forwards. She has worked with a range of clients in the UK and internationally in the retail sector, consumer sector and leisure sector, and so has experience across a large range of brands.

Jacqueline Windsor has vast experience in the retail sector, with a focus on PwC’s retail, consumer and leisure strategy practice. Having worked across different retail business models, she has a breadth of knowledge across specialists, general merchandisers, department stores and grocers.

In November, we will be discussing the recession and how brands need to act now so that they are in the best place to face the challenges ahead. It is important they adapt to what is coming and react now by implementing the right strategies to avoid losing out.

In December, we will talk about technology and how it is reinventing retail. As more brands rely on online versus offline, technology is going to be at the forefront of this sector’s evolution...

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Emma Barton is senior brand content manager at Summit.

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