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A Week in Creative: Paddy Power trolls Man Utd and Ocean Spray's viral TikTok response

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Bookmaker Paddy Power has assembled a who’s who shopfront of players Man U was supposedly out to sign

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Welcome to ’A Week in Creative’, a handpicked selection of the most interesting campaigns to come out of The Drum’s Creative Works in the past week. If this list doesn’t quench your creative thirst, then please visit the ’A Week in Creative’ hub.

Just looking

It's hard to escape news of the Premier League 2020/21 season which is off to an unusual start, with the league table looking like something from the 1980s. After a historic defeat this weekend (4 October) and a transfer window that left many fans disappointed, cheeky bookmaker Paddy Power is poking fun at Manchester United's expense.

The stunt saw it assemble a who’s who shopfront of players the club was supposedly out to sign. The Manchester store is ”dedicated to transfer deadline day’s greatest window shopper – Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward”.

About bloody time

Dividing opinion, the Pantone Colour Institute has introduced a new colour. In a bid to smash taboos and get people talking about menstruation, the colour maker and the Swedish feminine products brand Intimina created a ‘Period‘ red, which is described as an “original shade of red that represents a steady flow.“

Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?

When Fleetwood Mac's namesake Mick Fleetwood clambered on board that viral ‘Dreams‘ video, the stage was set for Ocean Spray to jump in and acknowledge that its juice had inadvertently stumbled upon international fame. However, the brand decided to sit back, play it cool and allow the meme to unfold organically. Until now.

It turns out that the TikTok star Nathan Apodaca was in fact longboarding to work after his car battery had died, and so over a week after his video went viral, Ocean Spray delivered him a new one, laden with bottles of Cran-Raspberry. Then, inspired by the video, Ocean Spray‘s chief exec Tom Hayes hopped on his skateboard to record his own version.

Richard Ayoade returns

Quirky HSBC frontman Richard Ayoade is back with the bank, aiming to spark conversation about what longterm, positive change can look like.

‘The New Different‘ sees him encouraging people to stop waiting for normal to return, encouraging them to instead build a better world instead.


Leo Burnett Tailor Made and #MeTooBrazil have unveiled a chilling, yet powerful campaign that aims to put an end to the sexual harassment plaguing the audiovisual industry.

Using real-life situations of abusive behaviour in the industry, ‘Apartment,‘ ‘Hotel,‘ and ‘Dressing Room‘ all drive the message: ‘This is not a script. This is a real story. This must come to an end. Cut! – a movement against harassment in the audiovisual industry.‘

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