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A Week in Creative: McDonald's homecoming and a strip to the beach

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Parkdean Resorts: Sandtone

This is an extract from The Drum’s A Week in Creative briefing. You can subscribe to it here if you’d like it in your inbox once a week.

Welcome to 'A Week in Creative,' a handpicked selection of all the best campaigns to come out of The Drum's Creative Works in the past week.

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Return of the Mac

It was music to the ears of burger fans this week when after a long, unprecedented hiatus, the Golden Arches across the UK finally reopened. To celebrate this moment, McDonald’s served up ‘Welcome Back’ - a touching film of customers being reunited with their beloved machines, and the fast-food joint finally taking advantage of the pop classic - ‘Return of the Mack.’

An antidote for the virus of racism

In the US, 31% of Asian adults have reported being victim to racial slurs or jokes since the pandemic hit. To help draw attention to the antisocial and racist treatment, the Ad Council created 'Fight the Virus, Fight the Bias' - a film that encapsulates the fear felt by those at the receiving hand.

50 shades of summer

With overseas holidays disrupted by the ongoing pandemic, Parkdean Resorts has seized the opportunity to attract staycation holidaymakers. Mimicking the iconic Pantone ads, it has colour matched the sands of over 50 UK beaches to create colour swatches of seaside resorts, which it calls 'Sandtone.'

That's the spirit

After pubs chimed a resounding last call in March, Scots were eventually allowed back into their locals last week for the sweet taste of their favourite tipple. To commemorate the moment, One Minute Brief challenged creatives to create campaigns that would encourage people to go back to the pub and to do it safely.

The Scream

Iceland wants you to 'Let It Out', quite literally. To encourage visitors to its shores, Promote Island took inspiration from the practice of 'scream therapy' by inviting holidaymakers to vent their frustrations into its vast and beautiful landscapes so they can feel renewed.

Got the Poower

Pledging £500,000 to 'Fertilise the Future' Ecover wants to help sustainable start-ups and eco-pioneers. To draw attention to the cause, Uncommon created an eye-catching campaign with lines like 'when life gives you poop, grow flowers.'

This is my YouTube

To draw attention to how its users are connecting, engaging and using content on its platform, YouTube enlisted the help of Nicola Adams, OBE, and her girlfriend, Ella Baig; Rio and Kate Ferdinand, and DJs Annie Mac and Toddla T. Filmed in their homes, the stars shared what they love to watch on YouTube.

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