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Can A.I. write like this?

A.I. can store all the books since Man wrote.

So 0110010111 in and Art out?

It can write “To be or not to be” but can it write the rest?

Can A.I. write light like, “The rich are tarred with the same lush.”

Or dark like, “The gropes of wrath kicked off Me Too.”

Or deep like, “Why can’t I see my own face?”

Do you know what id is, A.I.?

Can it write a song of peace that the world can sing to? “You may know I’m a ______.

But I’m not the _____ one.”

(You’ve sung it in your head, did you not?)

Can its words move men to lay down arms? And the fair sex to raise theirs?

Can it write of love when it can’t feel love?

Can it see through a child’s lens with depth of feel?

Or through yours, as your Dad’s light dimmed and your voice was the last he heard. Does it know what to say and what he wished to hear?

We live life and A.I. just scans it.

Words are made of flesh and blood, not chips and hard drive. Words have soul.

And till we can code soul, A.I. can’t write like this.

At least not in one syllable.

Calvin Soh is a former chief creative officer and vice-chairman Publicis Asia and R/GA head of growth Asia. He is the founder of One Kind Ideas.