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What’s UP Next? The new future-focused insight series from ICF Next

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It’s been a unique start to the new decade. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unimaginable challenge, disruption and uncertainty across the globe, forcing businesses and brands to adapt fast and find new ways of working.

We’ve realised the true importance of connection, seen that shared virtual experiences can be just as powerful as physical ones, and worked harder than ever to generate and gather the insights we need to keep delivering for our customers and clients.

At ICF Next, we remain focused on our mission to help brands and businesses make the right changes for success. The current climate doesn’t change our goal, but it has forced us to be more forward-thinking and agile in how we achieve it.

As an agency, we strive to be there for our clients when they need us, providing the expertise they need to create meaningful connections with their audiences. And now more than ever, businesses and brands should be looking to get ahead of the curve – taking this time to reflect, upskill and find ways to emerge from this crisis with strength and confidence.

That’s why we’ve created UP Next, a future-focused video series containing insights to help organisations identify new opportunities faster than their competitors. We’ll be putting our skills front and centre, hearing from our subject matter experts on how to harness cutting-edge trends and use them to accelerate business ambitions.

There’ll be masterclasses from our specialists to help brands grasp the latest creative and strategic techniques, as well as personal storytelling to explore bold perspectives, help leaders strengthen colleague cultures, and drive customer engagement.

Season 1: designing for the new normal

The first season of UP Next is set to illuminate the practice of colleague engagement in a post-Covid-19 world, presenting deep industry and sector knowledge to help organisations recover and rebuild at pace. We’ll put our experts centre-stage, hearing from our team of strategists, consultants, creatives and technologists at the top of their game.

Now, more than ever, colleagues, customers and citizens need the organisations they work for and do business with to be pillars of stability. The world needs motivated, resilient, innovative brands with leaders focused on the future and equipped to navigate uncertainty with knowledge and agility.

New trends will emerge as economies and industries recover from the crisis, and UP Next will explore them in detail – turning real-world developments into valuable, actionable insight to help you get ahead of the curve and build the foundations for future success.

Beyond Covid-19, Up Next will continue to delve deep into future trends, delivering regular, cutting-edge content to enlighten your business strategy and help you drive meaningful change in new ways.

UP Next is live now. Head to our website to watch, subscribe and stay ahead of the game.

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