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Now is the time for voice skills to shine

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Now is the time for voice skills to shine

With the virus living on surfaces, experts expect to see a rise in hands-free, voice-activated tech.

This is a new challenge for brand marketers. If consumers no longer want to swipe, click, type, tap, or touch devices, then visual brand cues become useless. In the sonic branding sector, we’ve known that the sonic message is important to building a brand identity and experience, but now it may be the key to post-pandemic brand survival.

According to an article by Lawrence YongZhang Lin, shared by Susan Westwater of Pragmatic Digital, Chinese tech firms have turned to voice-activated technology to help fight against Covid-19. For all the reasons listed as to why, it’s clearly a cost effective, innovative and safe solution.

Another voice strategist, Kane Simms, co-founder of VUX World, recently asked the community to see if anyone has seen an uptick in skill use – the responses were clear. Yes, Skills are seeing a big rise in use.

Given today’s global threat, it is probable that the rise in the use of hands-free technology, in hospitals and at home, will be favored as it alleviates the fear of spreading germs. For the past few years, the voice tech community predicted an increase in the use of voice-activated technology, and now they predict an acceleration of demand.

As brand teams look for innovative ways to interact with their consumers and re-evaluate media spending, we believe the solution is heard and not seen.

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