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By Louis Houdart, group CEO

January 21, 2020 | 3 min read

As we enter the Year of the Rat, advertising creatives from across Asia offer their favourite Chinese New Year campaigns from over the years as we celebrate the best work from the festive period and hear their views on what is best in class.

As a Frenchman, I've lived in Greater China for the last 20 plus years. So I feel very much at home here.

And living in a sprawling country like China means that most people work far far away from home. As a Frenchman living in China, I can relate to the festive season here when people want to celebrate it with families. The festive season is always associated with long trips back home and childhood memories made of secret recipes from grandma, to hometown speciality food that always tastes better at home.

These values are obviously very deeply rooted in Chinese culture, but also in the French culture where food and family are extremely important.

Some cultural customs can be very specific to some places, but I found Apple's 'The Bucket' campaign beautiful and touching. It managed to be very local, with very touching universal values.

Anybody working and leaving far away from home will know this feeling, of going back to your grandparents or parents home and rushing to the fridge, as well as looking forward to the first family meal with dishes on the tables that are all favourites, and this without the need of requesting anything.

It also manages to be timeless and relevant yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The campaign has a deep emotional connection, touching on childhood memories. It was a massive success not just in China, but also overseas with close to three million views on YouTube only… and all this without ever showing the product.

Apple, once again, proving that it is truly a lifestyle brand, in the business of selling emotions and not just products.

Louis Houdart, group chief executive officer, Creative Capital

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