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How to win the influencer marketing game in 2020

By Fredrik Martini Andersson, Head of Client Success & Co-Founder



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December 6, 2019 | 4 min read

We are nearing 2020. It’s time for your New Years' resolutions.


The most common resolutions? Working out more, eating healthier and spending less money.

Often this is a direct reaction to what you’ve done over Christmas: you’ve exercised less, you’ve eaten too much and unhealthily, and you’ve spent too much money.

You react. You go to the gym four times a week during the first two weeks in January, you eat plant-based for a month, you track your spending and try not to spend money on unnecessary things.

What is the main problem here? Simple; it almost never lasts. It’s periodical. It’s reactive. It’s only a matter of time before you go back to old habits.

Albert Einstein said the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. He called it the eighth wonder of the world. If you don’t believe in it, just look at Warren Buffet.

Peter Kaufman took this one step further. He claimed that the key to becoming the best at something, was the result of “dogged incremental constant progress over a long-time frame”.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Apple, Warren Buffett, pick any successful individual: they all did it. They made incremental constant progress over a long period of time.

Influencer marketing in 2019 was filled with reactive. With periodical mentality.

2020 has to be different. We need to have a system. A system with the aim of making incremental constant progress over a long-time frame, is how you win no matter what you do. Influencer marketing is no different.

The problem:

  • We, as humans, love to be periodical.
  • We work out hard for a week, then we relax the week after.
  • We eat healthy during the week, and then we gorge during the weekend.
  • We save money for a week, and then go on a shopping spree the week after.

We push a boulder up a mountain. We become tired. We decide to rest and continue tomorrow. What happens? The boulder rolls down. It doesn’t stay where you left it. It rolls all the way down. You have to start all over again.

Marketing in general, is periodical. We aim for short term results. We react to a bad quarter. We push for numbers. We make weekly, monthly or quarterly resolutions. We do campaigns instead of building a long-term plan with an objective to win. And after a campaign is finished – we start all over again.

2020 has to be different.

We need to make sure that you as a brand take one step closer to that goal, with every post, every single reaction from an audience and every influencer selection

We need to optimise and improve what you did yesterday. We have to make sure you make incremental constant progress over a long time frame.

That is how you win the influencer marketing game 2020.

It’s how you outperform your competition. It’s how you win. It’s how you reach your full potential.

Our vision at Tailify is to realise the full potential of influencer marketing. There is only one way to do that. Constant improvement over time. But it all starts with you.

Will you be reactive in the new year? Or do you want to win the game?


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