How to find the right influencers for your brand

The main difficulty companies declare to encounter when approaching Influencer Marketing is finding the right content creators. A recent research carried out by Koniqa, sampling 300 decision makers from large companies, shows that 60% selects creators based on their ability to represent the brand values with authenticity.

Finding creators is a convoluted and time-consuming process as most of the times it is done by using internal social media search engines or free tools. These are unable to detect the actual quality of the data, both in terms of performance and fake detection.

The most common mistake is to select influencers by merely considering the number of followers or the engagement rate, thus ending up choosing always the same well-known names. This is why finding lesser-known but suitable Influencers is now becoming a turning point when setting up an Influencer Marketing strategy.

Here are a few elements to help you identify the right Influencers.

Performance analysis: the engagement rate is taken into account because it evaluates the capacity of a profile to generate interactions. However, this metric actually compares current data (interactions) with a cumulative one (followers) and doesn’t consider the algorithms that limit some content visibility to only a small percentage of followers.

A much more useful data is actually the engagement per post or the reach, i.e. the real number of unique people who see a content piece. This data is available only to platforms that use first-party data (insight data whose access is allowed by Creators).

Topic analysis: one of the main aspects to look at when choosing Influencers is the topic they talk about on their channels. Common tools offer an approximate topic classification based on simple keywords frequency. This method works to spot Fashion Creators, but not niche categories, such as Plus Size Fashion for example.

Audience analysis: a smart way to plan an Influencer Marketing campaign is to start by defining the audience to target. This means choosing the Influencers by focusing on the type of their followers, rather than the campaign topic. With the most advanced discovery tools it is possible to select Influencers with specific audience features, namely gender, age, location and interests.

Content analysis: another uncommon but effective way to spot interesting Influencers is to start your search from actual content pieces. You can analyse posts that mention a product or a brand and select only those in line with your brand style or with a strong creativity.

To meet all these challenges, Buzzoole, named one of the 2019 fastest growing companies by Statista, has developed a powerful search tool based on AI algorithms. Thanks to Image Recognition and Natural Language Understanding technologies applied to 2 million profiles’ posts, Buzzoole Discovery allows for a proper and granular classification of Influencers.

For each creator, you can analyse real performances, audience demographic information, brands mentioned, most engaging content and much more. Thanks to a proprietary fraud detection system based on first-party data, you can also access the “Health Check” of Verified Buzzoole profiles and thus understand whether a Creator has used bots to inflate performances or an inappropriate language in their content.

If you are curious to know how Buzzoole Discovery can help you save time and make the right influencers choice for your next Influencer Marketing campaign, you just need to save your spot for a Live Demo.