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What's hot: The future of sustainability and ethical consumption

By Kerensa Ayivor

TLC Marketing UK


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August 8, 2019 | 3 min read

I was at a meeting a couple of months ago at the DMA, where myself and eight other seasoned marketing veterans (read old….) had volunteered themselves to mentor nine young, ambitious, intelligent marketers. One of the topics that came up was our PBs. Yep ... Personal Brands. Every time those words were mentioned, I shifted (sheepishly), knowing I probably have the worst track record for dialogues on social communities.

TLC Marketing reveal how brands can make more ethical choices and provide sustainable options for consumers.

TLC Marketing reveal how brands can make more ethical choices and provide sustainable options for consumers.

But (!) as serendipity would have it, today I find myself writing my first article on something very close to my heart, which my team and I have been working hard on for the last couple of months.

The latest edition of our quarterly trend review WHAT’S HOT is all about sustainability and ethical consumption.

The future of sustainbility and ethical consumption

There’s so much happening at the moment, so much change bubbling away in our collective minds. It makes me hopeful that our kids will inherit a different, braver, better and more considerate viewpoint.

The change is driven by a post growth mind-set, one which questions whether the current measure of GDP and its focus on ever faster economic growth is the right measure of a society’s progress. Instead, there is a movement to create a future in which conscious consumption is the norm and where people, brands and governments learn how to participate with the environment rather than just doing less damage to it. Bill Reed, a leading authority on sustainability, has worked on a framework which maps out the journey towards living in partnership with the environment (from Green to Regeneration). It can be found on page six and seven of the eBook.

For most brands, sustainability is still embryonic and what it means to be truly ‘green’ ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ remains up for debate. But what is clear is that consumers are looking for assistive brands that help them make the right choices and provide sustainable options.

At TLC, we specialise in partnership networks and in the wake of the ethical movement have created a Green Network which brings together sustainable brands, that want to help amplify other brands ‘green’ stories. From green days outs, to sustainability classes and wellness, we’ve looked at all the ways in which brands can reward consumers for their green choices while simultaneously, bringing their sustainable ethos to life.

So for more green thoughts… download our e-book (it’s good I promise) or get in touch for a chat on how we can help build your brand’s green credentials.

Kerensa Ayivor, Planning director at TLC Marketing.


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