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The weirdest thing I saw at SXSW this year: hot dog water

Damn Machen writers about hot dog water

In a talk by Rohit Bhargava - ‘7 Non-Obvious trends actually changing the future in 2019’, I saw the weirdest thing at SXSW this year - 'Hotdog Water'.

I shit you not.

Rohit talked about a ‘believability crisis’ where he is seeing the same story told so many different ways that it almost completely erodes trust.

He talked about Evian saying, “is it really bottled in the Alps? Or is Evian just naïve spelled backwards?”

He then went on to describe a hipster trolling idea that sold hot dog water for $30-40.

"The perfect balance of hydration and salty electrolytes" this joke product completely sold out.

There's nothing as weird as folk facing scarcity value. AKA, 'more money than sense', where I grew up in North Yorkshire.

Dan Machen is head of strategy for Channelzero, Sydney – a creative consultancy and studio.