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By Adam Clyne, chief executive officer



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March 1, 2019 | 4 min read

Today, Workplace by Facebook announced a major milestone: 2 million paying users. And just two years after their launch. These are huge numbers.

Worplace by Facebook logo

Workplace by Facebook has just hit 2 million users.

Whether you love or hate Facebook, it has totally redefined how we share and communicate with each other. From a more informal construct of language to the use of gifs and emojis as a way of visually communicating. And not forgetting the impressive live video broadcasts that allow users to experience events from across the globe - as it happens.

Workplace has become one of the fastest-growing SaaS products in the world – with a formidable roster of global brands such as Walmart, Heineken, Virgin Atlantic, and Nestlé.

While traditional intranet and internal comms platforms have notoriously low staff engagement levels, with our clients, we regularly see companies getting 80-90% of their people using Workplace from the beginning. But why?

The first reason is familiarity. Workplace and Facebook look so similar that most employees know intuitively how to use Workplace. There’s a user base of 2 billion people on Facebook – and swapping them over to Workplace in a professional environment isn’t a big leap.

The second reason is that people are genuinely excited to move over to a ‘Facebook’ product when their company launches Workplace. There aren’t many enterprise products that get their users excited.

The roaring success of Workplace is definitive proof that there’s a serious appetite for innovation in internal comms. The biggest brands on the planet are tuning-in to a new way of working: bringing entire organisations together under one digital roof, connecting every person in every location, and empowering the people who run their businesses on a daily basis.

But despite all of this, many agencies in our world are still stuck in the 20th Century. Emails and intranets are still ruling the roost when it comes to how they are running their agency. And it’s is a mistake.

Clients come to us to communicate better. They want ideas and innovation - and that means staying ahead of the trends. But in this space, clients are leading the way.

As an industry, we need to live at the cutting edge of tech and innovation. We need to work in a way that mirrors the real world of communication. A world that is social, mobile and visual. A world that is connected.

We need a platform that can handle the massive volume of content that’s the bread and butter of our daily work. But most of all? We need to lead by example.

My team at Coolr has been helping organisations get to grips with Workplace from day one. We were Facebook’s first partner in EMEA, helping companies to reimagine how they share and communicate.

And if you want my prediction, it’s this: we’ll all be on Workplace eventually. The only real question is whether you’ll be late to the party or ahead of the game.

Adam Clyne is chief executive of Coolr

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