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How to achieve a successful marketing campaign using native ad content

By Jessica Francis, Marketing manager



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December 14, 2018 | 4 min read

Well done - if you are here and interested in, or already using native advertising as part of your marketing campaign, you are already on the road to digital advertising success.

Creating a successful marketing campaign using native ad content

Native advertising will get you a higher CTR than banner ads, and is the most successful mobile advertising format- follow the steps below to further increase results and create the perfect native ad:

1. Define your KPIs for your native content

Firstly, you have to decide what your end goal is for your campaign. Is your campaign focused on brand awareness or are you focused on sales growth, website traffic, website conversion rate? Deciding on your campaign KPIs will give you a clear reference when planning your ad.

2. Define your target audience for your native ad

To improve your CTR you need to understand your audience, get inside their heads and get to know what your ideal customer profile really looks like, making sure you are leveraging it at every opportunity.

You should include your target audience in your headline and description when writing a native ad, make them feel the ad was written for them - including their location and demographic will get a higher click-through rate.

For example, “5 outfits you should wear” should be “5 outfits every girl in London needs” - we have highlighted we are targeting females in London.

Defining your target audience for your native ad

3. How should you word your native ad?

Make sure the tone of voice is correct for your target audience and write your ad how your target audience would speak, using the language they would use every day. For example, if you are advertising to females between 16-25 who are interested in fashion - learn their language and use their jargon, write as they would speak.

Think like a person not like a brand. No one likes to be bored by what they read. The time span for online content to strike as a hit or a miss can be judged in split-seconds. Make sure your headline is enticing.

You are trying to grab a user’s attention and have minimal time to do this. Don’t add in unnecessary wording that isn’t needed, for example: “Do you know that there are six ways you can increase CTR for your marketing native advertising campaign” can be shortened to “6 tips to increase CTR for your Native Ad” short and sweet gets more results.

The wording of the native ad is key

4. Add questions or numbers in your native ad title

Adding questions and numbers is much more likely to get a higher CTR than keeping it open-ended. For example, “Steps on how to improve your native campaign” will perform better as “Want to learn 5 tips to improve your native campaign?”

Add questions or numbers in your native ad title

5. Choose your images wisely

Use people in your images can boost your conversion rate - context matters, if your advert is for a product don’t just show the product, show it in context, let the user imagine using it, wearing it etc. Avoid cheesy stock photos - real people get more attention, stock photo people are largely ignored.

6. Include a clear call to action

Having a clear call to action will ensure a higher click-through rate - be precise and to the point.

Jessica Francis, marketing manager, Adyoulike

Technology Native Advertising

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