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Top five tips to attract a younger audience

By Jenny Stanley, Managing director

Appetite Creative


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November 30, 2018 | 4 min read

1. Flaunt it, don’t sell it

Top 5 tips

Millennials don’t want or need to be sold to. The youth of today has more options than the marketers of yesteryear have had hot dinners, and for the last twenty years have been bombarded with achingly outdated popups and adverts that have gone hand in hand with almost universal distrust in what is seen as corporate greed.

“Enhances every user’s experience” should be our goal, today’s audience is too savvy for anything else. This is great news, as creativity and data together can get better results than ever by giving our users the best experience they could ever want. If your can is full of great content, it simply won’t and doesn’t need to, rattle as much as those that aren’t.

2. Get the most out of social media

Facebook’s population alone is an almost unbelievable six times (that's 600%) greater than that of the UK and USA combined… if that doesn’t make you pay attention to your brand’s social media strategy, then nothing will. Social media is a superpower, it encapsulates the modern world and we simply must use it as best we can. That means being open, honest and fair. If we can obtain a following here, and if we can maintain that following through our precepts, philosophies, and values we will have a ticket to the most visible stage the world has ever known.

3. Keep it mobile friendly

There is simply no need to explain that today’s younger audiences are getting more and more mobile. This isn’t to say that we are becoming addicts any more than previous generations have been addicted to terrestrial television, wireless radios, or telegrams, it's just that modern technology has shown is the way. Who wouldn’t want to use their handheld device with the wealth of uses it brings. Desktop has to get comfy in the back seat, as mobile is riding up front, so we must put mobile design first. As an industry, we must make user-friendly mobile apps and campaigns. A mobile screen is not, in any way, a limitation, it is a remarkable, handheld, mobile window to anything we want to see.

4. Gamify

Appetite Creative’s Liquid Games is the number one example of how we're now more than able to connect, develop, and grow their audience reach through competition platforms and game theory. From offering incentives and seeking to establish rituals to engage with brands through extrinsic motivation -- gamification is an example of how marketers can improve user experience.

By using data and world-class design, brands can provide an opportunity to see and be involved in what our consumers want to see and want to do. Let's offer better options, let's not get in the way, and let's get the user on our side by giving something truly innovative, engaging, and effective back.

5. Use great copywriting, design, and call to action

The power of great copy has never been so prominent. In a world of limited space and the heightening wariness of intrusion, copy, great design and magnetic CTAs- all sharing the same pedestal as the number one tools to attract engagements and clicks. We should be striving for subtle, succinct, and stylish copy. We need great logos, great CTAs and great copy to exploit what the data tells us and give users what we know will enhance their experience. It is unforgiving, blatant, and powerful and if we can find the key here, we will open that window that we need to open a world of scope to every demographic we choose to approach.

Embrace the modern world, work with the modern demographic, and deliver what your potential says you can.

Jenny Stanley, founder and managing director of Appetite Creative


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