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Why the digital sector went back to school for the day


By Natalie Gross | chief executive

November 15, 2018 | 7 min read

We’ve just wrapped up our sixth Digital Day at BIMA. Thousands of students and more than 150 schools were paired with digital and tech agencies across the UK.

Theo Blackwell

Theo Blackwell attends the Bima D-Day proceedings in London

For many of the young people taking part, they are leaving school today with their first glimpse into a digital industry they previously didn’t know existed.

For anyone involved in the day, from students and teachers to agencies and our challenge partners - Vodafone, BBC Studios and the FA – you can’t fail to see the difference Digital Day makes. This is the day we see lightbulbs flicker on. The day students make the connection between the apps and tech and social media they use every day, and their future success. The day ‘I don’t know what I want to do when I leave school’ becomes ‘I’m thinking of maybe doing something in digital’.

Of course, lighting the fire is one thing. Keeping it ablaze needs rather more. That’s why this correlation between awareness and intent to pursue a digital career should be on the minds of everyone who’s in a position to influence outcomes for young people. You can say that’s the job of the educators, but at a time when some schools are struggling to buy textbooks, the onus is also on us as an industry to take control of developing our own future talent.

That’s why it matters that so many digital professionals took part again this year. Like us, they know that our industry needs fresh ideas, skills and talent from our graduates and apprentices. And you can’t get any of those unless our young people are inspired early, and exposed to what the digital industry is, what it does, and where it can take you.

So thank you to everyone who took part in Digital Day 2018. You have made a bigger difference than you can possibly know. And here’s the proof:

Technology BIMA D-Day Career

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