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Beard baubles and pet yoga will be among the top trends continuing into next year

By Faye Stammers | PR and marketing executive



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November 9, 2017 | 4 min read

Halloween has only just come and gone, but we’re already getting in the Christmas spirit, waiting for the big brands to bring out their festive ads.


This season officially marks the count down until the new year, which means one burning question: what will the top trends of 2018 be?

In 2017 Instagram feeds were filled with inflatable flamingos and rainbow hair, and we also saw the rise of independent coffee shops and craft gin. Thanks to our planning department, we have a long list of expected trends (and fads) coming up next year. While we can’t reveal them all, here’s a list of our favourite predications for 2018, straight from our very own trend tracker.

Mindful travel

On a quest for happiness, peace and total wellbeing, the demand for mindful travel is expected to grow over the next year. To combat the stresses of modern life and to ‘sooth the soul’, mindful travellers will usually be found in Bali and Thailand. However, you can expect to see European countries wanting to capitalise on this trend, by beginning to offer their own mindful travel retreats. Namaste to that.

Beard baubles

The male beard communicates a heroic image, according to US psychologist Robert Pellegrini. To further celebrate the beard, men this Christmas are going to be decorating their facial manes with festive dangling balls (effectively). While this fad started in 2017, we hope it’s gone before the new year.

Gender neutrality

More and more people are not wanting to be defined by their gender. Recently, there has been an increase in awareness, discussion and acceptance for those who choose to not abide by gender stereotypes.

This year, John Lewis released a range of gender neutral clothing and Apple created their own gender neutral emoji’s. Next year, we predict there are going to be a lot more brands catering to gender neutral wants. While I’m a strong supporter of equality, I don’t want to share a gender neutral toilet with my boss – the eye contact while watching him do a wee would be way too awkward.

Organic beauty

Organics have spread from the fruit and veg aisles to the beauty and skincare shelves. With many consumers clued up on what’s in the food they eat, it’s a natural extension to now take an interest in what we’re slapping on our bodies. Humans absorb 60% of what is applied on our skin into our blood stream, so natural beauty products could be the missing piece to a healthy regime. In 2017, we saw more beauty brands become transparent about their ingredients and in the forthcoming year, we predict more brands will adopt this strategy. Avocado face mask anyone?

Pet Yoga

Encouraging dogs to find their inner Zen, ‘Doga’ is said to appeal to your furry friends’ natural instinct to stretch. With classes involving massage, chanting, woofing, meditation, canine acupuncture and probably some impromptu barking, pooping and peeing, dog-owners believe this time with their pet is a ‘unique bonding experience’. ‘Doga’ is currently huge in New York and it’s expected to become just as big in the UK next year.

Faye Stammers is PR and marketing executive at TLC Marketing, which has created its own ‘Top Trends’ game. Want to play and see if you’ll be the trendiest or just a fad? Get in touch with

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