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Increase conversion rates with email campaigns by using free marketing automation

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Earlier this month (2 May), MailChimp announced that they would be making their marketing automation tools available to all customers at no extra cost.

Why is this a big deal? MailChimp has always been a go to service that we can recommend to our clients, but it’s usually missing some of the features of the bigger players such as dotMailer or Bronto. Adding the marketing automation feature is another big step in the right direction to making MailChimp a bigger player in this space.

What is email marketing automation?

MailChimp has always been able to do email campaigns, including customisation and personalisation. However, the main setback you would need to setup a new campaign each time you’d like to send it, limiting its effectiveness. What email marketing automation offers is a set of tools that can trigger communication with the client from a wide range of ongoing campaigns.

The launch of Nosto’s Personalised Product Recommendations earlier this year took a big leap in allowing companies to show customers the right products at the right moments in order to trigger the best conversions. With email marketing automation, you can also send customers the right message at the right moment; rather than bombarding a customer with irrelevant marketing messages, you can use the tool to create e-commerce marketing journeys for your customers, catching them at a suitable time.

Some key e-commerce touch points that you can cover with email automation include:

  • First purchase brand intro
  • Follow up on purchases (request review/top up consumables)
  • Reward your best customers with discounts
  • Custom product recommendations
  • Re-engage with customers after a ‘lapse’ period
  • Abandoned basket emails

Personalised email content and timing

Personalisation is key to a great customer experience, and that includes the email marketing that you send your customers. With MailChimp you can include personalised and live updating product recommendations directly into your automated email campaigns. Research has found that 75% of customers like emails with personalised message and offers, personalised emails improve click through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10% and that 94% of companies agree that personalisation is critical to future success.

So, start an email marketing campaign today. If you already have MailChimp and Magento there is nothing holding you back from getting a head start!