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Timing is of the essence in social media marketing

By Alexis Ng, Marketing manager



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March 31, 2017 | 4 min read

Oreo’s famous 2013 Super Bowl Twitter ad was one of the most iconic moments in social media marketing. The power went out during the halftime show, and Oreo tweeted an ad that said: “You can still dunk in the dark.” This opportunistic marketing play is still being deemed as best-in-class years later.


Timing is of the essence in social media marketing

How Oreo achieved this was not a secret. Most marketers know that being timely and responsive on social media is critical because relevance is essential in the crowded online space.

Oreo’s moment at that Super Bowl exemplifies the importance of timeliness, relevance and creative agility.

Social media marketing is one of the most measurable formats we have today. You can learn so much about your target audiences and their online behavior.

You should leverage any set of tools that gives you this much real-time insight to maximize your return on investment.

As you’re tracking your ad performance, think about how you can optimize quickly based on the available insights. What are you learning and what changes can you make to help your ads perform better? How quickly can you make changes so you have a real impact?

The second piece of the puzzle is the creative gap. Brands need to re-think creative strategy as social media marketing demands a high volume of assets that require frequent refresh to stay effective.

Ad fatigue plays a significant role in affecting online campaign performance and brands like Cooking Dash, PayPal and Instamotor have successfully turned their campaign performance around through increasing ad creative production volume and refresh rate.

Not every company can afford to have a 15-person social media marketing team like Oreo. This doesn’t mean it’s hopeless for those of you who can’t afford such luxuries.

Thanks to technology, we can now activate global creative talent any time of the day. It takes a fraction of the time it used to take to produce high ad volumes. AI technology gives us the ability to make creatives smarter and campaigns more cost-effective. Moreover, automating the entire process of creative management and monitoring is now possible.

Thanks to technology, you can now have time on your hands.

ReFuel4 is winner of Facebook’s 2016 innovator of the year and is the world’s leading data-driven creative platform, delivering creatives from 10,000 global designers backed by predictive AI and automation technology. Learn more here.


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Winner of Facebook's 2016 Innovator of the Year, ReFUEL4 is the world's leading online ad creative management platform. 

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