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MIPTV 2017 Preview: Samuel Stadler and Kayla Hegedus, Parrot Analytics

By Samuel Stadler | Marketing Director

March 28, 2017 | 6 min read

The below is written by Samuel Stadler (Marketing Director) and Kayla Hegedus (Industry Data Scientist) of Parrot Analytics and is part of Found Remote's MIPTV 2017 preview series. Found Remote will again be at MIPTV with Applicaster (come say hi at the booth: Palais R7.J15).


MIPTV 2017 Global Demand Report: North America

The year 2016 was good for television. In the United States alone, over 400 scripted series aired, in addition to a myriad of unscripted and reality titles. Globally, the number of television titles must be many times more, though no one has yet attempted to count them all.

Out of these thousands of shows, a select group of titles, including newcomers such as Netflix’s Stranger Things and veterans such as HBO’s Game of Thrones, succeeded in becoming global hits. These titles were popular not only in their home market but around the world. Many of these titles originated in the United States, but the proliferation of platforms available to consumers is increasing the global exposure of international titles as well.

Netflix and now Amazon Video have launched in nearly every country; each market also has an increasing number of competing platforms, each stocked with a catalogue of global titles. Measuring the performance of content now involves not only linear viewership numbers, but also SVOD streams (if the platform chooses to release them), legal and illegal digital downloads and streaming, as well as less direct metrics such as social media buzz, critical acclaim, and word-of-mouth popularity, across multiple languages and countries - and devices!

With the television landscape becoming more global and complicated by the year, measuring trends in content has become increasingly difficult. Thus, Parrot Analytics has developed the world’s first cross-market, cross-platform measure of content demand. This metric, called Demand Expressions, quantifies the popularity of a TV series and is generated for each title, in each market, on each day. By tracking demand over time, global content trends can be found, giving insight into the current state of television content.

Using Demand Expressions, our latest report titled MIPTV 2017 Special: Trends for NORTH AMERICA, which has been produced exclusively for Found Remote, analyzes the major content trends in North America.

In this report, we have ranked TV series titles by their yearly average demand in North America to find the most popular series of the year. We have also investigated the share of demand for each genre, and the top ten sub-genres by total demand to reveal broader content trends. Finally, we reveal the top channel and studio market share in North America, ranked in order of demand for content.

The Walking Dead is the most popular series of 2016 in North America

The Walking Dead ranked highest over the past year with about 4% more demand than Game of Thrones, and while these two megahits dominated elsewhere Westworld had only 2% less demand than its fellow HBO series in this region. Yet instead of just one breakout title, North America had several hits in 2016.

40% of Demand in 2016 was generated by Drama Series

Dramas actually had the smallest share of demand in North America out of all global regions, with only about 40% of demand. Conversely, Comedies, at over 16%, and reality titles, at 13%, both had their largest share in this region. Comedies were likely especially popular in North America as most of them are English-language titles and humor is difficult to translate and localize.

ABC, CBS and FOX in the lead in North America

The four major broadcasters (including NBC) were found to have the most demand, with ABC leading. HBO ranked fifth with 16% less demand than the broadcasters, and the BBC and the CW followed with 16% less demand than HBO. With 27 million subscribers in the US, Netflix had more demand for its originals than the top US cable channel, AMC.

Warner Bros. Television content has generated the most overall Demand

The overall ranking of the major production companies was the same in North America as in Europe: Though the identical ranking suggests similar preferences between the regions, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, ABC Studios, and HBO had a larger share in Europe while CBS Television, Sony Pictures, Universal Television, and (surprisingly) the BBC had a larger share in North America.

If you would like a demo of Parrot Analytics’ global TV demand measurement platform, Samuel and Kayla will be at the Parrot Analytics booth at MIPTV. The stand location is P3.B4. (in the Palais on level 3).

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