Five cool things from SXSW: Starz, The Mummy VR experience, Mexico's 'tug of hope' and more

As SXSW comes to a close for another year, some delegates from the marketing services sector offer their views on some of the cool stuff they saw while spending a few days around Austin, kicking off with Blend's Darcie Lamond.

1. Behind the profusion of ideas and activity are the logistics, the passes and underlying technology. The conference is at first overwhelming, the sunglasses a nice reminder to relax and take in what you can.

2. “The Mummy” combines individual moving pods with headsets and headphones to enhance the VR experience of zero G. This fully immersive experience raises the bar for movie going.

3. The STARZ exhibit reminds us that guns are a thing and that once created, content is (potentially) forever everywhere.

4. A simple interactive exhibit in the garden of the Mexican American Cultural Center invites users to play tug of war against onscreen opponents from Mexico. Fun, engaging, compelling.

5. The creative energy of the conference inspires the next wave. I like that there are lots of small bands of film crews here, drawing inspiration from and collaborating to capture their place at SXSW.

Darcie Lamond is a partner and chief strategy officer of Blend

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