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The most uplifting ads I've seen in 2017

Joseph Liu is a career consultant, keynote speaker, columnist, and host of the Career Relaunch podcast. He helps professionals relaunch their careers by more powerfully marketing their personal brands. His work is informed by 10 years of global, client-side marketing experience in the US & UK managing brands including Glad, Liquid-Plumr, Gü Puds, and Häagen-Dazs, his involvement with four major brand relaunches, and 500+ hours of professional career coaching. He now applies principles used to build & relaunch consumer brands to help professionals and business owners build & relaunch their personal brands. He's been a speaker at TEDx and MarketingWeek Live, and served as a judge for The Drum’s Social Buzz Awards.

At the start of each year, I’ve made it a bit of a tradition to share powerful ads I find especially relevant for the times. Most of the clients I work with are going through some sort of major life or career transition, and brand relaunch campaigns can be a great point of reference and inspiration when you’re trying to relaunch your own personal brand.

Way back in January 2015, I shared ads that captured the idea of relaunching yourself with attitude during a time when I recall feeling optimistic for the world. For January 2017, during a time when we’re facing a great deal of uncertainty, information overload, and fears about the future, I’ve decided to share three ads, all released in the last week, that I hope can help you pause, reflect, and remain hopeful.

Air Canada- Who Inspires You

Releasing this the day after Trump’s immigration ban couldn’t have been accidental.

TV2 Denmark- All That We Share

Good reminder that we often have something in common even with those who seem different.

Volvo- Live Fully Now

In the face of goals not yet achieved, we shouldn’t forget to appreciate what we have right now.