Has Target hit the bullseye with its e-commerce execution?

James Hammersley compares the ecommerce performance of the companies in the headlines against their key competitors and benchmarks them to find the real winners & losers.

US discount store Target this month declared a second quarter earnings fall of 9.7 per cent, an announcement softened by a 16 per cent increase in digital channel sales.

This might sound impressive but the latest figures released by the US Government suggested that the year on year growth for the online retail market as a whole was c. 16 per cent. Target, it seems, did no better than the average.

In an industry that is under intense pressure, The Drum’s Mystery Shopper asks whether Target can improve its online performance to start to outperform the market.

We have compared the online performance of Target to that of four of its closest competitors: Walmart, Kohl’s, Kmart and JCPenney.

Target image by JeepersMedia