How the jobs market markets itself: which recruiter is winning the online battle?

James Hammersley compares the ecommerce performance of the companies in the headlines against their key competitors and benchmarks them to find the real winners & losers.

With the thrill of a hot summer break away spurring a desire for change at home, September is one of the busiest months for recruiters around the country. As users have become more confident job searching online, the growth of online recruitment services has rocketed.

With numerous different propositions in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market, the Drum’s Mystery Shopper this week compares the online performances of five of the biggest recruitment websites in the UK. They are Indeed, Jobsite, Total Jobs, Monster and Reed.

Is it a market where size conquers all? Or one where a Goliath can be easily slain by a David which is more able to meet the needs of a fast changing market.