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The value of association: Why joining the IPA is crucial to our growth plans

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The IPA is widely recognised as the world’s most influential professional body for advertisers and marketers. But professional membership schemes come with considerable commitment for agencies, both in terms of time and money, so what’s their true value?

For those who aren’t familiar with obligations of IPA agencies, we are required to commit to achieving CPD accreditation in their first full calendar year, maintaining annual accreditation thereafter as well as paying a substantial annual subscription.

While the benefit of improving and refining our team’s skills are numerous, managing these responsibilities alongside our client commitments in a notoriously hectic business environment can be challenging. So I wanted to share my thoughts about why it was the right decision to join at such a critical stage in our journey.

A few years ago, I was speaking with the newly employed managing director of a well-known 50+ person agency in London. They were growing from a mid-sized agency into a large one and her role was to facilitate that growth with the two founders in a way that the essence and personality of the business remained untainted as it grew. A challenge for anyone where the difference between ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ is painstakingly obvious. I’m happy to say that from the outside, all looks fine.

Founded in 2003, TJ is in its thirteenth year of business and today’s head count is 55. I’m excited and albeit slightly nervous to share that we too have put significant growth plans in place to meet increasing client demands alongside increasing invitations to work on exciting new projects. It’s a critical time for us now and the protection and cultivation of our unique culture will be vital to our continued success.

That’s where I believe our association with the IPA can add huge amounts of value – by sending a strong, positive message to our people. Being part of the IPA says something important about us to the people that work here and the people that might want to. It says ‘we’re dedicated to contributing as much value to you as individuals as you can add to our business’.

The IPA badge also demonstrates that our founding principle Do Great Work means just that. As our business continues to grow, we will validate the success of what we create by proving the value we have delivered as a fundamental part of any project.

Our association and commitment to the IPA will contribute to our vision to become a leading employer brand in this way. The result of which should mean that we attract the high quality of talent that’s needed and will contribute to continued growth of the agency.

Fleurie Forbes-Martin is business communications manager at Thinking Juice

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