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Gary Vee on the Found Remote Show: 'Facebook is by far the most dangerous OTT network'

Executive editors Natan Edelsburg (@twatan) and Adam Flomenbaum (@flobombin), and guest contributors, bring the inside track on the latest developments in the TV space.

The second episode of the Found Remote Show is here. I sat down with entrepreneur and internet celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk to discuss the future of TV. The VaynerMedia CEO made bold predictions on how Facebook would play a huge role in the evolution of the medium and become the biggest OTT player. See above for the full episode. Here are are some highlights.

  • “Humans are really good at tagging things, I think we’ll be calling them things. OTT, where did that come from? Maybe that evolves.”
  • “We will absolutely categorize things because that’s what humans try to do.”
  • “We have to stop imposing our own personal will on people’s consumption habits.”
  • “Time is the asset, I do not want to have to drive to the movie theater.”
  • "I believe there are people who would much rather watch the Jets game and hear my two cents, than the local anchor.”
  • “We have a new TV, this is a real story…I didn’t pick it. I’m just laying in bed…I’m looking at a YouTube video and noticed an icon, that’s different than I’ve ever seen before. I pressed it and it was on my television..holy shit, that’s mom proof..that’s game changing.”
  • “I think Facebook should build a television and get it into everybody’s home.”
  • “Very easy prediction. I absolutely think that within a decade, one of the House of Cards of the day, will be fully funded, 100% owned, by Pepsi or Toyota, or a brand, and you won’t give a crap. It will be subtle enough where you won’t give a crap.”
  • “We’re living through mass long tail. Know how many 17 year olds, will watch four hours of Snapchat video continuously?”
  • “I actually believe Facebook is by far the most dangerous OTT network."

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