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Twitter tears Chris Evans' Top Gear a new one...mostly with lots of love for Matt LeBlanc


By Stephen Lepitak | -

May 29, 2016 | 5 min read

And so the new dawn for the BBC's most successful show, Top Gear has broken and the response on social media was predictably negative, although the first episode was actually a moderate success.

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The combination of Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc was not a disaster and the BBC was wise to stick to the same format - it wasn't broken so why change everything? This Stig's return was never in doubt.

In the end it came across as a mix of TFI in its energy, allowing Evans to clearly steer the direction of the show, but the production, writing and directing all felt as it was before the hiatus.

However the Twitter audience (according to Kantar most of the U.K. messages were about the show soon after it began) was not convinced as evidenced below by the likes of high profile users... Including Carol Vorderman.

At the time of writing (9.45pm) on the evening of its broadcast, #TopGear was the top trending topic on Twitter with 80,500 tweets send about the first episode.

Check some out below.

Media Top Gear Matt LeBlanc

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