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Is it time for tears from the competitors of Boohoo.com?

James Hammersley compares the ecommerce performance of the companies in the headlines against their key competitors and benchmarks them to find the real winners & losers.

This month online clothing store Boohoo.com announced an overall revenue rise of 40 per cent to £195m, an increase coinciding with a 34 per cent rise in active customers to a base of four million active users. With an increase in sales in all territories, Boohoo.com has planned additional growth in the US, Australia, France and Ireland.

There is no question that the online clothes market is a tough one and Boohoo.com will certainly be benefiting from the absence of high street store costs. But is this enough to stay ahead of the pack? We have placed Boohoo.com against four of its closest competitors to see if the good times are set to stay for the Boohoo.com management.

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