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Q&A: ORM’s Eloise Maslewski discusses her inclusion in BIMA’s Hot 100 list


By Michael Feeley, Founder and chief exec

April 28, 2016 | 5 min read

Eloise Maslewski joined digital strategy agency ORM in December 2014 as a wide-eyed junior account manager. Fast-forward 13 months, and Eloise is now a senior account manager, leading ORM's fastest-growing account and running winning new business pitches. Her outstanding performance led ORM to name her as their ''employee of the year'' for 2015 and recently won her a coveted place on BIMA’s Hot 100 list of up-and-coming digital experts.

Eloise Maslewski is a senior account manager at ORM.

Eloise Maslewski is a senior account manager at ORM.

Here, Eloise shares her thoughts on her career to date and offers advice to other young agency executives on how best to make a real impact inside your organisation…

Was it always your goal to work within the marketing industry?

I started off my career as a graphic designer having studied creative marketing at uni. I started working with an agency in Newcastle within a creative role but, fairly quickly, circumstance forced me to take on more of an account executive role for a few of the clients I was working with. To my surprise, I found that I enjoyed it and that I was pretty good at it.

I joined ORM shortly after moving to London in a more established account management role. The thing I enjoy most about my role now, however, is having an overview of an entire project for a client, rather than being siloed off with responsibility for only a single element of a project. Ironically, I probably have more creative input into client projects now than I did when I was working as a designer! My account management role has also provided me with the chance to work alongside and fully understand all the different departments and teams within ORM and develop a real understanding of their work and capabilities.

Developing a broader understanding of the agency’s component parts and how they fit (or don’t fit) together has been crucial to me and something I would recommend to anyone working in an agency environment. Don’t allow yourself to become stuck in your own little ‘silo’. Make a point of taking an interest in the work of your colleagues, whether they are people you work directly with or not.

What do you think has contributed most to your success in your career to date?

Hard work and harder working mentors to look up to. I made it my mission at a young age to gain as much experience as possible. While I was still studying I carried out numerous placements and agency visits that spanned Scotland, London and New York. While the combined hours were sometimes long, I gained invaluable experience that I still use and stand by today. 

Would you recommend the digital marketing industry to other young people considering the career options?

Absolutely. I love the industry and love my job. It’s no secret that it can be hard work, but it certainly keeps you on your toes. I rarely have two days that are the same. Add to that the fact that the technology underpinning the industry is constantly changing and evolving, you can see how exciting and challenging it can be. It’s an industry with a bright future there will be plenty of opportunities on offer for young executives to make their mark.

So, what’s on the horizon for digital marketers?

As an industry, we’ve been talking about ‘big data’ for a few years now, but I think the true impact it will have is too colossal to comprehend. I think we'll see industries such as finance or recruitment, where users historically use multiple digital sources to seek the information they need, move in towards a ‘one-brand’ loyalty model. These singular brands will be based on how seriously companies invest in a solution that’s useful to their users and strong enough to knock their big data brand competitors out of the water. It’ll be interesting to see how the Fortune 500 list shifts over the next few years as a result.


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