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How you can get involved in The Drum social community in 2016

Our man with the plan

The Drum's community manager Adam Libonatti-Roche is a man with a plan – but he needs you to make it work. Here he gives a taster of what we're planning in the social space in 2016...

Less automation; more conversation

It’s been coming for a while now. Social media automation – albeit handy – is a killer for creating a community (and also for spoiling The Apprentice result). We want you to talk to us on Twitter, even if you're calling us out with a different opinion; in fact, definitely when you are telling us the opposite opinion to ours.

Automation/scheduling is even disappearing when it comes to our editorial team pushing out stories. We want to make sure the content we’re producing is available to you at the perfect time. When you’re wanting to learn, we’re producing content directly to help you learn.

We’re listening

If you posted something interesting on our Facebook wall in 2014, the likelihood is it would have matured from a carton of milk to a sturdy block of cheese by the time anyone noticed. We’ve invested in several social media listening tools and the plan is to not stop there.

Is there a story that you think we should know about? Tell us on Twitter and we’ll credit you when we’ve written it up if we think it fits a section on the site.

Here’s an example:

“Have you guys seen the new ‘company a’ advert or OOH billboard?”

Well, we might not have done, but you’ve just given us a lead on something that fits The Drum’s editorial remit.

What’s the plan?

In a nutshell, we want to make The Drum more engaging; we want you to think of The Drum as your professional homepage but also a community of like-minded people that you can talk pop culture with (just look at our Instagram page). We want you to get to know our team better; it’s one of the reasons we hold so many of our own events and (real world) social gatherings.

If you’re looking for what I personally plan on doing to make this happen, I’ve written a handy blow by blow guide below of how you can join me and Team Drum on a ride through 2016.

  • I’m at Drum Events

Introduce yourself to me on Twitter prior or just pick me out in a crowd and say hello.

  • Going to your events

I want to get to know every single individual in The Drum ecosystem – from the top of the stack honchos to the creatives and marketers pulling the strings behind the scenes. To do this, I need to come to your events, and see what you guys are up to at your company. If it’s a community event, like Gulp, then I’ll even try and cover it for The Drum.

  • Tell me about what you’re doing

An example of this was a recent 3 Beards event called “Don’t pitch to me bro”, an event focused on providing feedback to startups and individuals with ideas who are just practicing their pitches. Events like that one should be attended by Drum members but half the time we don’t hear about them. Tweet your events at us, or more specifically at me.

  • Speaking about Drum related problems

Is there something that we’ve written about or tweeted that you’re not too happy about? Talk to me about. I’m always online and always about to reply to a tweet from you.

  • More events like Social Buzz Chat

A few months past, I started Social Buzz Chat. A Twitter chat is nothing new but it was a statement of intent to show the direction we're going in.

At The Drum, we understand how important it is to keep getting better at what you do, and we want to make that one of our prime focuses for 2016. We’ve already introduced a new Whitepapers section on our LinkedIn profile whilst each week, we want to be producing webinars and original video content to make your job easier. When I say make your job easier, I mean “more opinion and ideas that you can use within your role”.

2016 is a new year; it’s also time for the world to meet the new Drum. We think marketing can change the world; let’s do it together.

P.S. I attempted to not use any buzzwords on this piece. Did I succeed? Tell me in the comments below.

Adam Libonatti-Roche is community manager at The Drum. He tweets @baconchin

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