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Are Ryanair in a position to continue their recent profit take-off?

James Hammersley compares the ecommerce performance of the companies in the headlines against their key competitors and benchmarks them to find the real winners & losers.

Recently Ryanair posted a positive growth story with half-year profits up by 37 per cent after a successful summer period and insist that they will continue to grow at a strong rate going forward. During an interview on Bloomberg TV, chief executive officer Michael O’Leary cited the transformation of their digital performance as a contributing factor to this large jump.

The question really is however whether an aggressive advertising campaign and a big change of heart in the treatment of baggage and levels of customer service were more responsible than anything about their online execution.

In the infographic below we investigate whether Ryanair have really improved their digital performance in comparison to their key competitors and we give our assessment of the probability of their profits continuing to climb.

James Hammersley is a founding partner of Good Growth. He is also the co-author of ‘Leading Digital Strategy’, a guide to e-commerce strategy.

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