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Creative Bournemouth identifies Collaboration as a key theme

This year’s ‘Creative Bournemouth Annual Conference’ saw big players from some of the UK’s most admired digital agencies come together to discuss the success of Bournemouth in attracting, and growing a range of digital companies.

Stepping into the room you could immediately feel a vibrant network feeding off the strong community that is Bournemouth’s Creative and Digital scene.

Nobody could knock this lot for giving themselves a pat on the back. Bournemouth’s digital industry has grown rapidly - despite the recession and very little investment from central government. That’s right, this powerhouse of competitive talent works together to share expertise and knowledge in a town that now boasts the fastest growing digital economy in the UK. Their shared passion for the industry has brought them together.

Backed up by a supply of talented graduates coming through Bournemouth’s renowned universities, including the National Centre for Computer Animation which has long been a world-class centre, Bournemouth is the place to be.

Throw in a forward thinking Council and you pretty much have perfection. Yes, the Council is playing its part too. The free public WIFI, the civic hack events, the open data stream and the web resource for the sector Think Create Do, are all examples of the council working with the industry to help create what is really needed. It’s no surprise the council won the prestigious Digital Council of the Year 2015. This was as much for the way the council has gone about things as it was for what projects have been delivered, in that they have all been in collaboration with the industry.

It’s not all been about money. Time, effort, space, knowledge, and data have all been in the mix, and the town intends to build on this for the future.

Today the efforts of those local agencies, educational establishments and the Council are paying off, but there’s no rest for the wicked. The message from the room is clear, Bournemouth needs more recognition outside the town’s reach and the only way to do this is though further collaborative approach. Watch this space!

Chris Shephard is Head of Economic Development & Sustainability at Bournemouth Borough Council.

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