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Vox Pop: Is the nation still gripped by traditional TV adverts?

This week we are exploring the changing television habits of the nation and what this means for advertisers. Focusing on how persuasive and effective TV adverts are in the changing landscape of screens, The Drum Network asks its members whether we are more drawn to adverts on the small screens of smartphones and tablets, or is the old school classic TV ad still winning over our hearts?

Simon Bollon, Managing Director, Boutique Media

I reckon thinkbox have done enough work in this area to demonstrate that TV is still a highly relevant platform. Contractors have never invested more dosh, never created more compelling content and never been more considered in the commercial opportunities they present to clients and agencies. A recent report suggested TV revenue will increase 3% in 2015 so whilst we know that digital is the big dog in town and increasing its total share of marketing spend, TV is still the prime persuader; no media creates more impact, more talkability and more engagement. Maybe it was slightly tongue in cheek and I wouldn’t totally agree but when Fru Hazlitt (ITV Commercial chief) said ‘social is nothing without TV’, she had a point. Across a vast range of clients TV is still the best channel for driving volume, responses and increases brand engagement metrics far better than any other media platform and guess what, if you merge digital and TV strategies you’ll reap the riches of the world!

Charlie Hills, Strategy Director, Cherry London

The TV ad isn’t dead in my house; but its ability to cut through, get us to sit up, listen and change our hearts and minds has definitely diminished. I live in a fairly typical house of four – me, my husband and our two sons who are 3 and 4. Toby, my youngest, sums up my sentiments about the traditional TV ad nicely, whenever an advert interrupts his favourite show (currently Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), I get hollered at “Mummy… adverts….” at which I, armed with the power of TiVo, can simply fast forward. And that’s when it’s recorded TV we’re watching; let alone our other household addiction of Netflix, all of which we do armed with at least one other screen, if not two.

Some adverts do cut through though, and those are the ones with a big idea, the ones that are part of something bigger and that are as enthralling as the TV shows we love. My favourite recent campaign was Sport England’s This Girl Can; it was delivered from superb insight and brilliantly executed. It deserves the positive reaction it has had from just about everywhere. More like this please marketers!

Sam Marchant, Business Development Manager, Invisible Artists

Smartphones are taking over our lives, this is nothing new. They’re changing the way we work, the way we do business and the way we relax. Even when sitting in front of the TV for a good movie, we’re on our phones scrolling through twitter and watching clips of the latest viral videos that we can’t live without. The explosive popularity of social TV app, Beamly only proves this.

How are TV ads going to be relevant anymore when we can’t even keep our eyes on the screen whilst watching the program we’ve been waiting all week to see?

I’ve been sitting down to watch Game of Thrones every week, and that’s pretty much the only time I will see a TV advert during my week. I can’t think of one memorable advert that I’ve seen during this period, probably because I was looking at my phone screen.

There is still some glimmer of hope for TV ads. Take a look at Vertically, an app that encourages you to use your phone whilst watching TV ads so you can receive offers that the TV is advertising. It’ll be interesting to see if these methods work.

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