Question Time: Who Would You Pick?

With a week to go in the run up to the election, leaders coming closer and closer to a head in debates, polls and twitter fan campaigns, a clear disparity and lack of zeal still exists amongst the electorate regarding politics generally. The Election Leader’s Debate on BBC’s Question Time last night revealed a lack of trust throughout the audience, most questions ending in ‘but how can we trust you?’

With this lacklustre environment in which the election campaigns have been stagnating, The Drum Network has asked some of its members the all-important question. Not who would you pick to run the country, but rather, who would you pick to be the non-exec director of your agency?

Jim Law, Director of Wild Heather Research

David might be useful to generate sales leads via ‘Old Boys Network’ as he has a few chums in high places but he lacks experience at the sharp end of business. Ed used to have good Trade Union contacts, but he might have dropped those relationships. But would he be a ‘team player’ on the Board, when even his family can’t trust him? Leanne is too Wales focussed, Natalie is too Green focussed, and Nicola is potentially too polarising (loved in Scotland…and the most dangerous woman in the UK). This leaves Nigel – opinionated, lacking facts, likes a laugh and a drink…all common attributes in NEDs but would be too disruptive. Forgot to consider Nick…like the voters...Sorry – I wouldn’t want any of them on my Board.

Nigel Samson, Group Account Director at TLC Marketing

Any good non-exec director should bring a mix of experience, vision, objective criticism and passion to the boardroom table. With mentoring responsibilities, being able to communicate up and down and promoting open discussion whilst maintaining a level of independent judgement, a very specific person is required. Looking at 2015’s party leader cast list, if you’re an agency wanting to appoint a new non-exec director, then it has to be Nicola Sturgeon. She’s approachable, hard-working, straight-talking and well-read plus she shows a sincere level of empathy compared to the others and is a confident and clear communicator. To me she’s the clear choice.

Paul Guest, Marketing Manager and Copywriter at CDD

So, I know technically she’s not a party leader anymore but she leads the Green’s in Parliament. It’d have to be Caroline Lucas – she is down-to-earth and honest – a people person and, most importantly, fair. I don’t think she’d be afraid of saying what she thinks but would speak up for what she believes is right, calmly and with great authority. She’s also a brilliant woman in a world where we need more women leaders. I imagine she’s a great listener, a reasoned and a logical thinker – a pragmatic fixer – woah, when could we get her on the board?