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Apple users tricked into microwaving iPhones, Instagram ads hit UK and Telegraph gets worked up over Lineker tweets

By Iona St Joseph |

September 24, 2014 | 6 min read

iOS 8 ‘WAVE’ convinces people to microwave their phones

Despite the fact that a number of people ended up breaking their brand new iPhone 5s’s last year when a spoof ad appeared online saying that the handsets were waterproof, the same thing has happened with the iPhone 6.

A hoax has surfaced which is convincing people that they can now wirelessly charge their new phone in the microwave using a new iOS 8 feature called ‘Wave’.

Potty mouth? Gary Lineker's tweets have upset the Telegraph

The prank was started (according to Reddit) by those pesky internet funsters over at 4Chan. ‘Wave’ will apparently ‘interface with your device’s radio-baseband, allowing it to synchronize with microwave frequencies and use them to recharge your battery’.

Seriously guys, c’mon.

Chinese social users track down cruel dog owner

A dog owner in China who thought it would be a good idea to chain his dog to the back of his car and drag it along has been forced to face up to his actions after social media users tracked him down.

Sina Weibo users were unsurprisingly outraged when they saw a video of Mr Zheng Weiyang driving his car with a clearly conscious Labrador chained to the vehicle’s rear.

Once it was uploaded, the video quickly went viral and sparked an internet manhunt, weirdly named the ‘human flesh search’, for the person driving the vehicle, and they eventually tracked him down.

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Apparently he had been told to get rid of the dog by his wife, and after deciding that stoning would be too cruel, he thought dragging it along behind his car was the next best option.

Gary Lineker involved in ridiculous Twitter row

Football pundit and Walkers crisp aficionado Gary Lineker has been making the headlines this week after he dropped the F bomb on Twitter at the weekend during Leicester City’s surprise win over Manchester United.

The Daily Telegraph then posted a story about the “fact” that he had apparently been disciplined by the BBC, claims which Lineker tweeted them to say were false.

Seeing as everything celebrities do on Twitter these days is apparently ‘news’ (according to the Daily Mail), a BBC football pundit doing some swears on their profile is probably the 2014 equivalent of the Spice Girls splitting up.

The Telegraph is not letting it go either, as it posted another article yesterday debating the topic of swearing on Twitter in general. Let it go, guys.

Instagram ads hit the UK

We’ve known it’s coming for a while now, but Instagram ads have finally hit the UK. Brands including Waitrose, Rimmel, Channel 4 and Starbucks will soon be appearing in your feed, nestled amongst pictures of green juices and Nike trainers.

The ads will be limited to images at the moment, but presumably videos will be rolled out at some point as well. Users can choose to like, comment on or hide the brand’s image from their feed.

YouTuber faces backlash with latest video

Sadly, I’m too old and too cynical to get into this YouTube lark. I mean, I’ve watched videos from Zoella, Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman, and frankly I find it a bit weird that people want to share that much of their life with strangers they don’t know, but hey, each to their own.

Anyway, Sam Pepper, who is a YouTuber and apparently an ex-Big Brother contestant (does anyone remember him? Mind you, I gave up after series 5) has received some serious backlash from his latest video.

For some reason, Pepper thought it would be a good idea to grope women on the street for entertainment. He uses a prosthetic hand to ‘trick’ women, so he can pinch their arses. Classy.

Despite everything kicking off around the first video, which had to be taken down, he decided to upload a second video, which shows a female actress taking to the street, doing the same thing to men. Apparently it’s video 2/3 as well, so we have another one to look forward to.

Pepper has been accused of sexual harassment, but he seems to think he’s doing some kind of study of the human race. We’ll see what the third video has to offer, but I can’t imagine his findings will be snapped up by a university any time soon.

Iona St Joseph is head of social at 10 Yetis

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