Interview: Going Mammoth to promote digital business


By Craig McGill | Digital Strategist

July 18, 2014 | 4 min read

GO Mammoth social sports clubs have been popping up all over London over the last few years. Founder Luke Mohr puts this down to a healthy mix of word of mouth and a proactive approach to digital marketing so we caught up with him to hear more about it.

"It's modelled on the famous Chicago Sport and Social Club, so we have GO Mammoth blending recreational sport with socialising – with indoor and outdoor leagues for group sports, plus a range of dance and fitness classes, backed up by sponsor bars and weekly socials. It is quite a new concept to the UK, so initially a big effort was put into educating people – both through direct marking and experimental marketing like free trials in public parks.

"One of the areas of success for GO Mammoth has been our investment in the website, which aims to complement the business in every way – being sporty, social and fun. The bold and playful design reflects this attitude, and we also go to lengths to ensure the customer experience is up to scratch – offering live help and regularly polling their customers to find out what new and interesting features they might enjoy. The social aspect is supported also through their Clubhouse Blog which details events, awards and player contributions.

"Our sense of community that GO Mammoth has developed is evidenced by our highly popular and very active Facebook page. We update it several times a day, featuring photos of players (either in their sports gear or out at a club) and acts as an area to promote the regular social events put on.

"We're also active on Twitter, with an ever growing follower base, and they use it to advertise their wares and, more importantly, engage directly with players. Utilising Twitter as a direct customer service channel is a great way to connect with your customers and make them feel valued, a trait I think GO Mammoth excels in.

"We've also started experimenting with social retargeting through Facebook Exchange, to try and convert users that have shown an interest in playing previously through engaging with the website and it's paying off. We've had quite good results especially from promoting a fitness camp in Clapham. The win here for us is that it's offering the company a lower cost of customer acquisition than previous display advertising efforts.

"Looking forward, we're looking to expand further throughout the country, and they already have some leagues running in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading and Southampton and digital's going to be a key part of the promotional efforts and endeavours in them."


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