HelloFlo's First Moon Party & Road Safety from Northern Ireland's DOE

The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

Brand Chart

So in a break from football based campaigns this week’s top trending video has been First Moon Party by HelloFlo, who you may remember from last year’s viral hit The Camp Gyno where one girl becomes the group counsellor after being the first to get her “red badge of honour”.

They’re still celebrating all things menstrual, but this time round one girl discovers that it’s not periods she needs to be embarrassed about, but rather what her mum has in store for her as punishment for telling some cheeky lies!

With over 20 million YouTube views and 70 thousand social shares in just over a week, HelloFlo have already surpassed last year’s ad, and they show no sign of slowing down yet!

Trending elsewhere this week has been the new video from Northern Ireland’s Department of Environment (DOE), highlighting the dangers of speeding and the importance of road safety.The controversial video has split opinions by being described as both brutal & shocking but also sensitive & compelling, and features heavily CGI’d (but nonetheless intense) imagery of a car crash. Speaking out in support of the ad Northern Ireland Road Safety Minister, Mark Durkan, has said that “Most of you will find it shocking but the reality is drivers need to be fully aware of the potential consequences of their actions”.Whilst shocking PSA ads have been around for a long time they have more recently been garnering large online audiences, such as Set Yourself Free from the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia, and this video is no different having already racked up over 2 million YouTube views & extensive media coverage.But as Mr Durkan has said “Every road death is one too many”, so the more people who can receive the message and think twice before speeding the better!

UGC & Entertainment ChartNo you’re not mistaken! We haven’t got our brand & UGC videos mixed up – because although on the surface this video may look like an ad it’s actually only masquerading as one!It’s always great when brands can have a sense of humour about themselves but in reality would US based mustard producer Grey Poupon really be able to go this far, making a joke of their name and asking viewers ‘What do you Poupon?’, just to prove they can have a laugh?Despite the video’s title – Banned Grey Poupon Ad – the spoof sketch was actually created by Adam Grimes & Jessica Sattelberger for the OBVS YouTube channel, after dreaming up the concept at a wedding (not sure what sort of wedding’s they’ve been going to!).Whilst many major news outlets have been speculating whether the creators were secretly working with the brand the pair have admitted there is no official association with the company and that it was all just done for fun. But with the amount of views this has racked up in the last couple of weeks it’s almost a shame Grey Poupon weren’t involved, as it’s certainly given them some good exposure!

Elsewhere in the world of UGC, the music video for Dancing In The Street gets a reworking by ‘musicless’ maestro Mario Wienerroither, this time sans the music but with added grunts, shrieks and other assorted Foley sound effects.And whilst you won’t be seeing Mick Jagger or David Bowie at Glastonbury this year (unless they still have a few surprises in store!), you can at least watch them lark about in what could easily be mistaken for the walk home from a drunken night out. And oh, what a night that would be!Unfortunately for them, the lack of background music just shifts more focus onto those outfits, and no, they haven’t aged well…

Squeak Of The WeekThis week’s Squeak goes to a very cute owl, and a very edgy ‘Owl Whisperer’, who have been psyching each other out after an unexpected house invasion.It’s the battle of man vs. nature, and only a Swiffer Sweeper mop stands between us and the collapse of all humanity!Note to self: never open the windows ever again.

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