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Go Pro Seal Belly Rubbing, Reckless Driving and Epic Rap Battles

The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

Brand Chart

This week’s Brand chart is testament to the content calendar, as brands release topical social videos to coincide with Mother’s Day (11th May in the US), the Champion’s League Final (24th May), E3 (10th June) and Star Wars Day (May the Fourth, obviously). Perhaps most effective though, is McLaren’s celebration of Ayrton Senna, who was killed in a fatal crash at the San Marino Grand Prix 20 years ago this week. The #Remember Senna video chooses to focus on his legendary Monaco ’88 qualifying lap and is moving, even if you’re not an avid motorsport fan.

Further down the chart is The Seatbelt Crew, an Indian video created as a public service initiative by Ogivly and Mather, Mumbai to encourage motorists to wear seatbelts. The ‘crew’ in question are transgender people, or ‘hijras’, who have a special status in India, where they are viewed as sacred and touched by God. Traditionally they give their blessings to passing motorists in exchange for money, but this video sees them perform an airline-style routine to “remind reckless drivers about a very basic safety procedure they’d forgotten”.

UGC ChartAt the top of this week’s UGC chart is ‘Look Up’, a call-to-arms poem for the millenial generation to stop using their smartphones and engage with the world around them. In a pleasingly ironic twist, the video has gone viral on social media and now been viewed over 26 million times. The tone, delivery and production is slick and, for many, it neatly articulates the growing feeling that somehow modern technology is causing us to miss out on more meaningful experiences. Other commenters have called it overly sentimental, simplistic and presenting “an overdramatised strawman argument” which ignores the huge benefits of smartphones and increasing connectivity. Give it a watch and make-up your own mind.

Just slightly lower is the latest in the ever-popular Epic Rap Battles series, which this week pits Breaking Bad’s chemistry-teaching meth-cook Walter White against Rick Grimes, the zombie-killing post-apocalyptic sheriff from The Walking Dead. Featuring characters from two of the biggest dramas on american television was always going to be a formula for viral gold, but with some nice rhymes and funny references it’s easy to see why it’s been received over 5 million views it’s received in the last 48 hours.