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World's toughest job, plus Kids react to Walkmans

The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

Top trending Brand videos:

The Pillion Trust is a small, frontline charity tackling poverty in London and their ingenious “Fuck The Poor?”hidden camera video is a controversial and thought-provoking social experiment which challenges our attitude to inequality. Their Chief Executive said “We understand that some may be shocked by this footage. We are more offended however, that people across the UK are living in adverse poverty”. It’s a top example of what a brand can achieve with an amazing idea and a tiny budget, as it’s achieved over 3 million views for a charity which has suffered from government cuts and a decrease in public donations.

At the top of the brand chart though is the US-based with their “World’s Toughest Job” video, which perfectly combines a job-interview-from-hell style practical joke with a sentimental reminder of how awesome ‘Moms’ are. A neat idea executed well and guaranteed to tug on the heartstrings in the run-up to Mother’s Day.

Top trending UGC videos:In UGC-land, the latest in the popular “Kids React” series from YouTube behemoths Benny and Rafi Fine (aka TheFineBros) sees millenialls struggle with analogue technology and is enough to make even us spring chickens in VAN feel positively ancient. The combination of nostalgia and cute kids proves to be an ongoing viral goldmine, with this video alone delivering over 3,000 new subscribers for the channel.

Airlines seem to be a hotbed of viral shenanigans recently, with last week’s Cast of Lion King Disney madness and Air New Zealand’s ongoing attempt to liven-up the potentially dry safety video. This week’s number 5 sees a quick-talking SWA flight attendant taking matters into her own hands, using the standard safety announcement to deliver a very funny and slick 3 minute stand-up routine. Undiscovered comedy talent or very sneaky viral ad? We’re giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Squeak of the Week:An actual squeak for Squeak of the Week! From “the Spielberg of sloth movies” Lucy Cooke, we bring you “Super cute sloth squeak”. Enjoy!