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Gmail turns 10, Facebook introduces the privacy dinosaur and the selfie plumbs new depths

It's social media, minus the irritating hashtags. Iona St Joseph cuts through the clutter to bring you a weekly update on the social stories you need to know. A trained journalist, Iona manages the social team at 10 Yetis' dedicated division, A Social Media Agency. You can follow her daily musings and opinions on Twitter @ionastjoseph.

Gmail turns 10

Forget about posts about the Backstreet Boys and bleached denim on Buzzfeed making your feel old, realising that Gmail turned 10 this week really makes you feel nostalgic.

When you look at the images of the interface as it was in 2004, it’s hard to believe that it was once the forefront of technology.

However, at the time it really set itself apart from the competition by offering users a gigabyte of storage for their emails, dwarfing what Hotmail and Yahoo Mail were offering at the same time. Thanks for the good times Gmail, and here’s to the next 10!The social media trend we really don't needIf you thought the #nomakeupselfie was bad, then you better make sure you’re sitting down before I tell you about the latest hashtag that is sweeping Instagram. #AfterSex (try not to vomit) is the newest trend to hit Instagram, and, unfortunately, is exactly as it sounds. It’s couples, or lonely people who want to pretend they’re getting laid, taking selfies after having sex. It’s the post-coital cigarette of the digital age. Trawling through the hashtag (in the name of work, m’lud), it’s just a bunch of weird pictures of serene looking couples, which makes you feel thoroughly creeped out. Obviously there are the jokers as well, but none of them are hilarious enough to warrant having a scroll through the hashtag. It just makes you feel a bit grubby.Facebook's privacy dinosaurA number of people have noticed a prehistoric pop-up when they’ve tried to post to Facebook recently, meaning a lot of questions are being asked about the Facebook privacy dinosaur.Facebook is testing a new pop-up reminder, which encourages users to pay attention to who they’re sharing their content with on the site. The blue (obviously) privacy dinosaur is a wee cutie, and accompanies the message, armed with his top of the range laptop. While it seems like Facebook is going all out with its new pop-ups to make sure that the user is safe, it kind of feels a bit like it is doing it to protect itself as well. It’s obviously great that it's flagging up privacy and sharing issues to its users, but is the real reason that it is fed up of taking the flack for people’s idiotic decisions to share stupid crap on Facebook, and now it's trying to put a buffer in the way so it's not getting as much of the blame?I’ll be interested to see how people react to this, and whether it really makes any difference in the long run. Prince Andrew takes a selfieNot content in letting Ellen’s Oscar selfie rest alone on its throne in the Selfie Hall of Fame, Prince Andrew had to get involved with this effort. He took the picture at the final of the Pitch @ Palace competiion, which was set up to help students with an interest in launching their own start-up businesses. Needless to day, it didn’t quite manage to drum up as much interest as Ellen’s Oscars pic… April Fool’s DayUnfortunately for everyone on Twitter, April Fools’ Day has just become an all out brand war, with different company accounts trying to get the better of each other on social media, and trying to produce the most shareable content.While some of them were clever and funny, the vast majority were irritating and pointless. I’m not going to waste time on those losers though, so here’s my pick of the best April Fools’ Day online pranks.Pokemon Google Maps

Google maps essentially let you turn into Ash Ketchum for the day. And who wouldn’t want to do that?Google Plus’s PhotobombsThe extension added David Hasselhoff into you photos as a photobomb, making all your pictures that little bit cooler.KFC’s mouth expanderAvailable only in Australia sadly, the KFC mouth expander unveiled plans for people to be able to make their mouths bigger so they can fit in their burgers.LinkedIn’s Cats You May KnowFinally, it was LinkedIn’s chance to get a slice of the cat action. It launched a service that connects professionals with like-minded felines so they can do business together. Now that’s a selfie…If you’re going to post a selfie on Twitter, you might as well add a little excitement to it by making sure it’s a picture of you fresh off the ice after taking an ice hockey puck to the mouth. Mitch Callahan, second-top goalscorer for Grand Rapids Griffins, was hit in the mouth late in the first period of their 6-1 thrashing of Iowa.The 22-year-old centre was escorted off the ice, away from a pool of his own blood, while his very kind team-mates searched the rink for his lost teeth.Check this out for a selfie…