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Facebook cans email, Google+ gets updated for Android and Dalai Lama joins Instagram

It's social media, minus the irritating hashtags. Iona St Joseph cuts through the clutter to bring you a weekly update on the social stories you need to know. A trained journalist, Iona manages the social team at 10 Yetis' dedicated division, A Social Media Agency. You can follow her daily musings and opinions on Twitter @ionastjoseph.

The Dalai Lama on Instagram

Facebook ends email address system

Facebook has sneakily shut down its three-year-old email service, which allowed users to have an “” email addresses.

Unsurprisingly, it is making the change because people haven’t been using the Facebook-specific emails. Turns out they’ve just been sticking with the ones they already had. Who would’ve guessed?!

The change will go through in early March and any messages sent to an email address will be forwarded to the personal email address from which the member signed up to the site.

Stolen Twitter username returned

You may have read a few weeks ago about the owner of the Twitter username @N having his identity stolen from the site. You can all rest easy now though, as his username has been returned.

Naoki Hiroshima had claimed that hackers had taken control of his other online accounts and threatened to compromise data and websites owned by him if he didn’t give up access to the Twitter handle.

He didn’t mention how it had come back into his possession, but claimed that order had been restored on Wednesday.

Google+ updated for Android

Everyone’s favourite social network Google+ made some changes to its Android app this week, focusing on all things visual.

Thankfully, you can now edit photos across devices because Google is saving all your edits in the cloud. Google+ for Android also has a range of jazzy new filters and creative tools.

Finally, Google has also added a single view for all your photos. It shows your entire photo library, regardless of whether they are stored on your device or in the Cloud.

Dalai Lama joins Instagram

The Dalai Lama has joined Instagram today, it was announced, despite the fact the first post on his account on 1 February.

The news was broken on his official Twitter account to his 8.5 million followers, and so far her has posted 16 photos, including images of him alongside Larry King and Barack Obama.

Facebook update gives brands more reach

The social media don that is Facebook has made some algorithm changes to its news feed this week, meaning that brands will now have greater reach that ever before. Who knows where the power of the Facebook newsfeed will end?!

As of Tuesday, when a Page tags a certain brand or celebrity Page in a post, then that post could become visible to fans of both pages. So, for example, if Miley Cyrus posts a story to Facebook and tags Justin Bieber’s Page, then that post may now appear in the news feed of both Miley AND Justin fans.

Keeping it topical yo.