Labour has a cheeky dig at David Cameron with hilarious parody Facebook video

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Top trending viral ad campaigns:

When marketers attempt to newsjack social media trends, they often find themselves treading some pretty shaky ground. Popular topics have a very short half-life and if advertisers aren’t quick enough to catch the wave before it crashes, their campaigns will be old news before they even launch. We’ve seen a countless number of brands attempting to leverage trending viral themes and falling short of the mark, so special kudos to the Labour Party this week for nailing it with a hilarious Facebook 'Look Back' video of David Cameron’s time in government.The timely tribute follows the recent popularity of spoof Look Back videos that have been trending across the UGC sphere recently. The one-minute clip features a cheeky montage of the Prime Minister’s most controversial policies and social media fails, all set to an appropriately cheesy sound track and zooming out to show a big thumbs down ‘unlike’ button at the end. Regardless of your political persuasion, you have to hand it to Labour, they’ve captured the faux-nostalgia zeitgeist perfectly and they’ve done it fast enough to still be relevant – well done!

Elsewhere in the Brand Chart, Metro Trains Melbourne continues to work its viral magic, following on from the tremendous success of last year’s Dumb Ways to Die with a new short PSA about public safety on the rail network. This time our accident prone little friends are experiencing some love themed fatal tragedies in a valentines special!

Top trending UGC and entertainment videos:

Top of the UGC listings this week is a powerful short documentary by a 21-year-old Spanish student, highlighting the plight of protesters in Venezuela. Released just a few days ago, it already has over 2 million views and a share to view ratio of 1:6. The film makes for a pretty compelling watch, featuring a montage of video footage and photographs documenting the progress of the student riots, gathered from Instagram and other social media channels.What makes the documentary interesting is that the share ratio is so high. The video marks a rising trend in the production of social commentary and activist content within the UGC sector, using the growing popularity of vlogging in youth culture to deliver powerful messages that advocate for change.Topical content always tends to go viral fast, because it facilitates sharing and allows people to join already existing conversations, but the power of protest videos, or even Charity campaigns and PSA’s, is that they have a direct call for action. They are actively asking people to share the message, rating highly for emotional impact and making people feel like they are doing something worthwhile by clicking ‘share’.

Also going viral this week is an awesome PSA from the Durham Academy in North Carolina. When severe weather alerts meant the building would be closed for a day, the school head and deputy head decided to make the announcement by donning some ski gear and doing a hilarious rap to the tune of hip hop classic 'Ice Ice Baby'. The pair have become overnight internet sensations, clocking up over 4.5 million views and counting. I wish my teachers had been this awesome when I was at school!

Squeak Of The Week:

If you’ve been to any of our #KittenCamp events this week, you’ll know that apparently goats are the new cats. So in the spirit of following the trend, this week’s dose of cute comes with hooves and horns… Goats bouncing about on a steal ribbon – enjoy!

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