Demonic baby terrifies shoppers in shocking viral horror stunt by Thinkmodo

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What would you do if you heard the sound of a crying baby coming from a seemingly abandoned pram left at the side of a snowy high street? I imagine most people would probably go over to check that the child was okay, right? Well, one particular group of concerned New Yorkers were repaid for their good citizenship with a pretty nasty shock… unwittingly becoming part of an elaborate viral marketing stunt and coming face to face with a terrifying, screaming demon baby!The fiendish prank is actually the brain child of viral video agency, Thinkmodo, the same folks behind other prankvertising hits like Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise and Beauty Shop Scare. Like its predecessors, this latest stunt is in fact a clever ad to promote the release of the new movie, ‘Devil’s Due’, set to hit cinemas later this week.You kind of have to feel slightly sorry for the unsuspecting passers by, whose reactions range from shock, to terror and hysteria. The animatronic infant shrieks, thrashes around and projectile vomits across the pram, doing an uncannily realistic impression of a child possessed and sending people recoiling in terror.Of course, it’s exactly the kind of stuff that internet audiences love and the video has already clocked up over 4 million views in less than 24 hours, shooting straight to the top of the Viral Chart - It looks like last year’s prankvertising trend is set to continue into 2014!

Entering the chart at number 2 this week is a new 60-second ad from Duracell, featuring legally deaf Seattle NFL player Derrick Coleman, who uses the brand's batteries in his hearing aid. Based around the tag line, ‘Trust the power within', the spot makes for quite a charming story of perseverance and success against the odds. Narrated by Coleman himself, he bravely tells the story of being bullied as a child and repeatedly rejected from sports teams. After revealing he was initially advised that he would never make it into the NFL, he goes on to say, ‘I've been deaf since I was 3, so I didn't listen.”We all love a nice bit of feel good marketing and Duracell has managed to hit the spot here with a powerful on brand story that fits with the company’s on-going message of long lasting strength and power to overcome obstacles.

Elsewhere in the chart, anticipation for next month’s US Super Bowl is building. Pepsi has just released its warm up ad spot for the game, 'There Since the First #Halftime', a fictional tribute to how the half-time game tradition came about, and several other brands are already beginning to unveil teaser trailers for their big campaign launches. We’re expecting to see the next couple of weeks dominated by Super Bowl marketing, so watch this space to keep up to date with the latest trending ad campaigns.

Top trending UGC and entertainment videos:

Newborn animals are PR gold for Zoos. Simply point a camera at the fluffy bundle of cute then upload your clip to YouTube – hey presto, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a viral hit on your hands. That’s exactly what Toronto Zoo did by releasing footage of its latest arrival, an adorable little polar bear cub, attempting to take his first few tentative steps. It’s guaranteed to make you go ‘aaaaaahhhhhh’ and sure enough, just days after the clip went live it’s already had over 5 million views, shooting straight to the top of the UGC and entertainment chart.

Continuing the Kawaii theme, taking second place this week is a rather puzzled little girl who just met her dad’s identical twin brother for the first time – cue lots of bewildered staring and hilarious reaction footage…

Squeak of the week:

Ok so it’s January and apparently this is officially the most depressing week of the year, but don’t worry folks, what better way to lift your spirits than to watch a video of a spider dancing to the YMCA? Here you go, you’ll feel better in no time…

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