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Old Spice Youtube Video

P&G goes viral with tear jerking Winter Olympics ad - prepare to sob!

By Mel Peck

January 9, 2014 | 5 min read

Video data compiled by the VAN team.

Top trending viral ad campaigns:

With the Winter Olympics, the US Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup all just around the corner, 2014 looks set to provide some high profile branding opportunities for marketers.Topping the viral chart this week, Procter & Gamble has launched the latest instalment to its Thank You Mum campaign, celebrating the hard work and dedication of the mothers of athletes all over the world in advance of the Sochi games.As expected, the new spot, 'Pick Them Back Up,' is packed full of all the emotional cues and tear jerking scenes that made the brand’s 2012 Olympics campaign so popular. Using the tag line, 'Thank you mum, for teaching us that falling only makes us stronger', the 2 minute video follows four future winter sports athletes, from their first baby steps, through childhood bumps and scrapes to their Olympic debut. Of course, the real story is about the proud, hard working mums who stood behind them, picking them up, dusting off their scrapes and encouraging them to go back out and do it all again.It’s guaranteed to make you sniff, and with over 2.5 million views since it was released on Sunday, it’s gone straight to the top of the Viral Chart this week.

Continuing the theme of mums, Old Spice has gone viral with a hilarious (if somewhat terrifying) ode to mothers and sons. By now we’re pretty used to surreal, zany ads from the Old Spice, but just when we thought we’d seen it all, out comes 'The Mom Song'.It looks like Old Spice has sprayed their sons into men and these women are less than happy about it. Now they’re kissing up to girls and their chores aren’t getting done! One mother cuts holes in the curtain so she can spy on her son and his girlfriend; another wears a creepy mask so she can secretly watch her son on a dinner date; and my personal favourite, the mum who slides out from under the sofa after watching her son’s make out session and flops down on the cushions weeping into her knitting. Apparently nothing says motherly love quite like clinging to the rear bumper of your son’s car while he tries to drive away!

Also trending this week is a hard-hitting anti-speeding message from the New Zealand Transport Agency. PSA’s are never fun and this one has a particularly grim message. Featuring a moving discussion between the two drivers in a freeze frame moment right before a fatal crash, the spot takes a look at the split second decisions that could end up ruining lives forever. It seems to be having the desired effect, receiving over 1.5 million views in 2 days and generating tens of thousands of social media comments and shares.

Top trending UGC and entertainment videos:

Winter is the theme of the UGC Chart this week. As a wave of extreme cold weather sweeps across America a new fad has hit the nation and one video started it all - Ever wonder what would happen if you shoot boiling water into -40°C air? Well now you can find out…

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus gave viewers an impromptu science lesson by filming himself conducting the experiment that showed how the water immediately turned to mist when it hit the air. Pretty cool, right?The video went viral. Clocking up nearly 4 million views and counting. Obviously this was the kind of thing YouTubers couldn’t wait to have a go of, but it turns out that it’s not so straightforward. The video kicked of a whole wave of copycat attempts with somewhat less successful results. Don’t try it at home folks, here’s what can happen!Elsewhere in the listings, AsapScience is back with an interesting explanation of why people are more likely to get ill in the winter. If you want to wow your friends at the pub with some fascinating facts about the common cold (of course you do), then this video is a must see!

Squeak of the week:

I couldn’t decide which was cuter this week, a dog in Batman Pyjamas that’s SUPER excited by snow or a dog trying to howl like an ambulance, so I’m sharing both – you’re welcome!

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Old Spice Youtube Video

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