Google and YouTube dominate the viral video chart (of course)

The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

This week on YouTube big guys Google and YouTube themselves have put out their end-of-year videos. YouTube have pulled in the crowds by using their very own YouTube slebs acting out the best bits of 2013 virals. Yep, its a video on YouTube about YouTube made by YouTube. I’m just going to say YouTube one more time. YouTube. Okay, I’m done.

Google’s gone for all the biggest news stories of the year summed up in that lovely Googley minimalist way of theirs. I wonder who makes these lovely things at Google. I bet they’re really good-looking.

I refuse to discuss number three in our chart, ‘Xmas Jammies’, because quite frankly the try-hard Christmas cheeriness of it all knocks me sick and makes my teeth hurt. Kmart’s Christmas video, on the other hand, is on the right side of hilarious offbeat Christmas marketing. They’ll ship your pants!

Despite the time of year, I do have to shoutout to my non-seasonal favourites of the week. Newcastle Ale bring their ales (and the lulz) to America with their amazing black cab stunt, while Cinerite’s epic, hilarious and downright genius short film shows what happens when… I can’t ruin the surprise! I’ll leave you to find out for yourself, but this one genuinely made me snort chai latte out of my nose (yum).UGC-side and it’s all weirdly unfestive. Great news! That doesn’t mean there’s not lots of heart-warming stuff to be getting on with though. At the top of the chart is a quite frankly blub-inducing dog rescue. As Sophie my usually level-headed colleague put it while soggying her feet with her own tears, ‘why do they put this music on?! It makes it ten times sadder!’. Yep, it’s one of them ones.

Also in the chart is another dose of animal magic, but in the form of something about a hundred times less sweet. In fact, watch this one and follow it with Euronews’ footage of Norway’s incredibly strong winds (no. 7 in the chart), and be TERRIFIED BY NATURE.

Also-rans in this week’s UGC chart include this absolute tit holding up trains, a martial-arts crazy man with so-called magical powers getting thoroughly debunked, and a sign language interpreter losing his job live on air.Aaaaah, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And with Christmas comes snow, and with snow comes slippy surfaces for feet and paws alike. Watch Waffles get unstuck and have a mulled cider on me. Cheers.