Topshop goes global on Pinterest, Michael Kors opts for Instagram and Skype tugs on the heartstrings

By Iona St Joseph

November 6, 2013 | 4 min read

Topshop uses Pinterest for Christmas campaign

Topshop on Pinterest

It’s great to see brands using Pinterest for their latest campaigns. It suits fashion brands down to the ground, so I’m actually surprised it’s taken Topshop so long to get a campaign going on the photo sharing site.

Customers will be able to pull together Topshop items across all of the brand’s platforms, from stores to online and social to editorial. The top pinned products will be showcased on Topshop’s homepage every day.

Topshop has billed this as its first global Pinterest campaign, and customers in the flagship London and New York stores will be able to pin, share and shop for items on giant touchscreens.

I love that brands are finally using Pinterest within their campaigns. Nordsrom launched a great Pinterest campaign earlier in the year, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on how brands are encompassing Pinterest into their campaigns in 2014.

Facebook warns of Graph Search privacy change

You may well have already been notified by Facebook about the changes to its privacy settings, but if you haven’t you’ll be seeing a handy message when you log in at some point.

Facebook is removing a privacy setting (which it claims was sparsely used), which means that users will be able to be found via Graph Search.

Essentially, anyone will be able to search for you on Facebook, and will mean that you can be found. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to access your timeline. If you don’t want random strangers to be able to access your information, just make sure that all your posts are set to be viewed by ‘Friends’ only, and not ‘Public’. You can amend this underneath your status update.

Unsurprisingly, it’s causing a bit of a bit of a raucous among those that had issues with Facebook’s privacy settings in the first place. We’ll see how Graph Search takes off and whether there is a noticeable difference of being able to access other people’s profile.

Michael Kors first brand to launch Instagram ad

Michael Kors was the first brand to run adverts on Instagram last week, with a quaint, Parisian-style picture.

Four days after running the sponsored post, a company specialising in analytics for Instagram has taken a look into the key metrics behind it.

Nitrogram has announced some numbers around the sponsored post. Apparently, the ad brought more than 33,000 new followers to Michael Kors, which is 16 times the average number for their five previous non-promoted posts.

Perry overtakes Bieber

Katy Perry took Justin Bieber down a peg or two over the weekend, after it emerged that she had overtaken the pint-sized pop douchebag in terms of numbers of followers on Twitter.

At the time of writing, Katy Perry has a whopping 46,698,308, whilst Bieber has a paltry 46,602,721. Loser.

Skype’s advert that shouldn’t work, but does

Get your tissues ready, social media fans, this one’s emotional.

This Skype advert shouldn’t work on so many levels. It’s long, it’s incredibly emotive and its message doesn’t have a whole lot to do with what it’s promoting. But who cares?

The story is the fourth in Skype’s family portraits series, and tells the story of two girls who share a unique bond- each was born without a full left arm. The video tells the story of how they met, and how Skype has brought them together.

It’s a cockle-warmer, that’s for sure.


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